Funny short poems about love

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Love makes the world go round, and it takes a love poem to make your girl believe that your love for her has got no rivalry. Whether long or short, hot or cool, simple or complex, a love poem can change the pace of your relationship, especially if it is directed to the woman you love with all your heart. I want you now, and in the lifetime to come. As the body needs air to survive, As plants need the sunshine to make food, As the fish need water to breathe, So, do I need you to be me, baby.

I love you. Often, I wonder how much of your love I deserve Because I am the least of men to be blessed with such pure love. The moment my eyes were set on you, I saw love. Not as if we drifted apart, Or chose different paths. But we changed to stay glued to each other Falling in love, over and again, Without looking at our scars But consistently gazing at our common stars. You need not fret, sweetheart For my heart belongs to you. I will always love you. That I am the man I can boast of Is because you gave your all for me.

If I have been lying all my life, This is my truth. Plants grow, plants die. Animals mate, animals die. Die they do, But my love for you Will never, ever die. For you and me, We have each other to love and to cherish Even when we have kids, And become hard grown adults. Your influence, I feel down to my subconscious; It is impossible to let go of you, my dear. Do I need to say it again, that you are the one who knows my hidden button, To press at will? Maybe, I will make a note of it, Or a placard, Or even write a book As a reminder That you play an extraordinary role In my life.

I want to be everything to you, Only you worth the gift. I have had you appear in my dreams; I saw you, and you smiled at me. I literally lost sense of my environment, And had to rely on the last ounce of sanity in me To keep my jaws from dropping to the ground. I really bless God for letting my dreams come true, Dreams of having you, And being able to tell you that I have loved you a long time ago.

I love you so much. I will always love you, in the most foolish way ever. This, baby girl, is life sentence Confined to the world of dreams and fantasy. What have I brought unto myself? But you squirm a lot, girl, And that makes me wonder If my arms are too crooked for your liking Or my chest, too hairy for you to deal with. All I want to see is you When I come through the door, Well-beaten by the life outside. Clothes are meant to be worn. You are meant to be shown off To everyone, including those who throw their eyes off our path Out of bitterness and envy.

I love you, my best. I will never stop bothering you Until I get an affirmation from you That you will be more than a friend to me: To be my partner, my lover, my wife, and my lifetime soulmate. Beautiful Love Poems For Wife. Touching Heartbreak Poems. Beautiful Anniversary Poems For Parents.

Funny short poems about love

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