Friendly curteous romantic and a gentleman

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A villain whose politeness is an act that only serves to enhance their evil. Unlike Affably Evil characters, whose niceness is genuine despite their malice, these villains adopt this pleasant persona. They lack a villainous demeanor, yet they are truly, wholly, and unrepentantly evil regardless. This kind of villain maintains a friendly, courteous mask even as they commit incredibly heinous and horrific acts.

An Affably Evil villain will treat The Hero like a friend , genuinely regret having to fight them, and seriously try to win them over. A Faux Affably Evil villain will say, "You know, I always look forward to our little meetings" while gruesomely torturing them for fun. At heart, they're utterly soulless, but they mask it with a pleasant, polite, "normal" attitude, perhaps because they have social standards to live up to or because their pleasantness reflects their sheer enjoyment of evil.

Maybe it's a of their severely warped morality, or a form of deception or psychological warfare. Or maybe they're just unbearably full of themselves. It's anyone's guess what this kind of villain will do if they suffer a Villainous Breakdown ; maybe they will drop all pretenses and find that they are Not So Above It All or maybe they will fall into a state of Dissonant Serenity , blabbering off-kilter pseudo-mannerisms as they lapse into their final and greatest puppy-murdering spree.

Do not confuse with Laughably Evil , which is a villain who is funny rather than polite. While many Faux Affably Evil villains are also Laughably Evil , many other villains are one but not the other. Compare and contrast Affably Evil whose niceness is sincere and this Trope's opposite , Noble Demon whose demeanor is evil in contrast to their actions.

For the Evulz is a common motivation, though using this trope as a form of Obfuscating Stupidity is also possible. This trope may also be a fan of Confound Them with Kindness. Contrast with Good Is Not Nice , which is a good character that just isn't polite. This trope is also one of the defining traits of a sociopath.

Nigel, the main antagonist of the movie Rio fits this trope very well. He rarely outright insults someone, and tends to talk in a calm, friendly manner Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an . It turns out that one can perpetrate all manner of heinous villainy under a cloak of courtesy and good cheer.

It seems a man will forfeit all sensible self-interest if he finds you affable enough to share your company over a flagon of ale. Comic Strips. The caption of the image is a quote from the strip in which he was hired. Adventure Time Alex from the eponymous Adventure Time fanfic never drops her polite demeanor even when she's hurting both Marceline and Princess Bubblegum.

They maintain their cute, friendly, lovable children's show host mannerisms even as they order out the genocide of adults. They act incredibly friendly to children, but will decapitate boys and impregnate girls with creatures that will kill them during pregnancy once said children turn 13, which they consider to be too old. He's also described as having an attitude towards Muggles that's comparable to a Dalek, seeing them as animals - though 'some things you don't do, even to animals'.

This is later altered to one of disdain for those he generally considers 'weak', muggle and wizard alike , and he'll happily maintain polite conversation while preparing to murder you as unpleasantly as possible. In the second book, Ghosts of the Past , 'Dave', an ancient dragon is a prime example - he's intelligent, smooth-talking, and happy to carry on a conversation for his own amusement He also freely admits that he enjoys breaking the wills of and enslaving anyone unfortunate enough to stumble across his lair, if he doesn't just eat them.

This is unsurprising, since the author admits that he was patterned off a mixture of Smaug, a canon example of this trope, and Glaurung. Equestria Girls: A Fairly Odd Friendship : Adagio acts like Timmy's friend and savior, but it is a barely veiled attempt to manipulate him into giving her what she and her sisters want. She uses her "saving" him from Sunset's "evil" in order to bully him further. This facade falls apart when Timmy utterly refuses her demands point blank. Adagio : repeated phrase Timmy-buddy, I thought we were friends? Bob spends the whole song trying to convince a former coworker named Tom to give up and just let the zombie horde go ahead and devour him.

Specifically, his brain. Bob the zombie does all this in an achingly polite manner, even occasionally praising Tom, but in every stanza of the song there's at least one line that shows that the politeness is a thin disguise, and Bob the zombie is enjoying the thought of getting to slowly and painfully murder his former acquaintance. For example, here's the last stanza of the song: I've got another meeting Tom, maybe we could wrap it up I know we'll get to common ground somehow Meanwhile I'll report back to my colleagues who were chewing on the doors I guess we'll table this for now I'm glad to see you take constructive criticism well Thank you for your time I know we're all busy as hell And we'll put this thing to bed When I bash your head open!

It has been said that Satan doesn't come to you as a scary and intimidating devil, but rather, he will appear to you in a seemingly nice and appealing way. He's known as the Prince of Lies for a reason. Classical Mythology included Procrustes. A blacksmith who would allow travelers to rest in his home for the night and behave extremely polite toward them He always offered them a bed. If they were too short to be a perfect fit, he would get out his blacksmith tools and stretch them out the guests, not the bed.

If they were too tall to make it a perfect fit, he'd get out his blacksmith tools and cut off their limbs. If they were a perfect fit, he'd hide the bed and show them another that they didn't fit just perfectly in. The Magnus Archives has several of these, mostly servants of various Powers , as any affability is covering up a fundamental desire to terrorize and destroy. When both give their statements, they are polite and charming self, even taking their losses in good humor.

However, both have terrorized at least dozens of innocent people, and make the sadistic joy they take in it perfectly clear. Peter Lukas, a servant of the Lonely, puts on a fake cheerful demeanor to interact with and manipulate Martin. Since he spends so little time around other people, it comes off as less than sincere. In Wolf , the protagonists discover that their bosses are involved in some sort of evil conspiracy and are almost certainly plotting to kill them.

When, we finally meet a member of Mission Command, Mr. Cutter is exceedingly polite, soft-spoken, and personable. In fact, he is all of these things to such an exaggerated degree that it comes across as a bit unnerving. And he's very good at his job - by the time he makes his exit, he's played various mind games with the characters, sown seeds of doubt about everything they're doing, and manipulated them into considering killing a person Since both characters and audience are aware that he is an active and present threat, the fact that he's so overbearingly polite and friendly just makes him feel more unnerving and unpredictable.

Professional Wrestling. Eric Bischoff , his genuine baby face runs are few and far between and he's never the face by default, so he has no real motivation to be nice to anyone other than perhaps to save his own skin. Otherwise he's just stringing you along, don't listen.

William Regal during his heel runs. He would often act like a dignified and well-mannered quintessential British gentleman , waving to the crowd, wiping his feet before entering the ring and scolding rudeness on-camera. Beneath that cultured exterior was a man who was quick to anger and not beneath breaking the rules when things weren't going his way during a match, up to and including, but not limited to: chair and title belt shots, grabbing the ropes for leverage during submission holds, and infamously, the use of brass knuckles.

His antics outside of matches included insulting the fans, kissing Mr. Chris Jericho was this trope while performing his "Anton Chigurh" tribute gimmick from to John "Brhaw" Layfield , especially during his final angle against Rey Mysterio. You have never heard the word amigo delivered with so much dripping sarcasm. Silvie Silver spoke in a patronizing manner to Santana Garrett in Ring Warriors while explaining all the moves she learned in Mexico and how much they would hurt.

She dropped the act after Garrett pinned her. Michelle McCool , who was so good at this trope that she called to mind the Uncanny Valley. Raisha Saeed spoke as if she was a reasonable, level headed stoic looking out for the best interests of her clients, such as Awesome Kong.

Her actions repeatedly proved her to be a sadist, to the point that sometimes Kong thought she went too far. After being defeated by Mr. At the first Women Of Honor event, Veda Scott snatched a microphone and called the crowd to give a respectful sendoff to Jenny Rose, who was scheduled to return to the Japan-based Diana promotion. Scott then ended Rose's ROH run on a low note by bludgeoning her with that mic. In Cabin Pressure , when the pilots first meet Gordon Shappey, he comes across as friendly enough, despite what Carolyn and Arthur have been telling them.

Martin even makes the mistake of telling Carolyn "He didn't seem too bad", before hastily amending it to "Didn't seem too bad, but he obviously is awful. Lamb and Lennox-Brown when things go well, but it's just a mask and he'll do a degree turn once things go downhill. To most people, he's this, often utilizing Exact Words to make people think he's about to give them what they want right before torturing them. To other supernatural beings, and to the handful of humans he respects, he's Affably Evil ; he'll still torture them if they become annoying, but when he's not doing so, he's quite friendly and can sometimes even act as a caring presence.

Thomas Crimp, a demented murder-rapist whose crimes sicken even Satan. He's nonetheless quite polite until things start going wrong. Tabletop Games. Despite being probably the most evil being in the setting and responsible for countless acts of torture even against his closest allies, he's always portrayed as urbane, unflappable, and chillingly reasonable. Very common with Devils, who are Lawful Evil. In most cases, Devils usually want mortals to make agreements with them of their own free will, but they are an always Evil race for a reason.

Glasstaff in "The Lost Mine of Phandelver" is described as being this, referring to murders as "unpleasant little business" and being generally polite. Also fairly common among Ravenloft darklords. Warhammer 40, : The Dark Eldar are surprisingly cheerful and fun-loving for a society based around torturing people and eating their souls. Given that their own souls are involuntarily devoted to an Eldritch Abomination that feeds on sensations, it's probably part of the job.

Depending on your opinion on the alignment in the setting, Amberley Veil, Inquisitor of Ordo Xenos, is a particular example that might fit with the trope. More generally, any leader of the deated good guys note Imperium, Tau and Eldar who isn't too busy being an obvious jerk, a Large Ham or a genuine good guy the later being very rare instance fits the description as well. Even that IG soldier that isn't "cheerfully sociopathic maniac" is probably an xenophobic, overzealous Shell-Shocked Veteran that will shoot down a worker mob rebelling against unbearable conditions in his hour-shift workplace without flinching an eye.

Another Sondheim example would be most of the main characters from Into the Woods. Based on characters from classic fairytales, they're generally friendly, bright, and optimistic The Witch eventually calls them out on it: 'You're so nice. You're not good, you're not bad, you're just nice '. This is especially true of The Wolf. The characters who are aware of their deeds seem to think this just makes them more sadistic, and they certainly come off this way to the audience especially when their only concern during the June Rebellion is what they'll get from looting the corpses even when their daughter is among them while their silliness still makes them among the most popular characters.

Friendly curteous romantic and a gentleman

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