Friend zone vs dating

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Is there a feeling more disappointing than realizing what you thought was a burgeoning romance was, in fact, not? Typically, it describes something that happens relatively early on in a period of closeness between two people — one where one person sees that closeness as sexually or romantically tinged, while the other does not. For one, the baseline assumption is that being friends with someone is a mark of disrespect, and that platonic friendship is a lesser, almost worthless form of human interaction.

The concept only becomes problematic in the way that we, as a society, use it — as if a friendship is inferior to a romantic relationship, or any other. Relationships can evolve over time. Some people do move from friends to lovers. This is untoward and exploitative. She cites things like talking to you about other people they do have romantic or sexual feelings for, turning down or cancelling plans, and otherwise being very relaxed around you in terms of how they dress and their body language, since crushes often entail some degree of nervousness.

Here, Play has a technique to cut through potential misunderstandings — dual-choice questions. For instance, if you say something like:. The eternal question for guys who are in the friend zone, of course, is whether they can get out of it, and if so, how. The short answer? Yes, you can get out! The other option? I could see us potentially being more than friends. What happens then? Depending on how intense and how long-lasting your feelings for this person were, going back to being friendly and cordial might just be too painful.

Just as they have a right to share their desires and boundaries, you can also opt out of the friendship. The friend zone is far from the worst place to be. For starters, if the desire to be friends with you is genuine and not someone just trying to soften the blow of a rejection, it implies you have at least one friend, which is more than some people can say. Not only this, being friends will force you to improve your communication skills and build a relationship based on connection rather than physical desire. Search AskMen Search.

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Friend zone vs dating

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Everything You Need to Know About the Friend Zone