French classes los angeles

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We have an option for every budget, schedule, level and interest. We welcome you to our community of French learners. We realized that our students are some of the coolest people in LA and we figured you should have an opportunity to meet, practice your language skills and have some fun!

Our rates fit every budget and all of our instructors have unique talents. Schedule a class yourself or feel free to consult our expert team to help you find the best match for your needs. Classes are scheduled around your busy life, and you can always change instructors if needed. What makes you a Francophile? Are your kids attending a French school? Planning a trip to France? Married to a French person? Or are you spellbound by the beauty of the French language and culture? At Strommen you will learn to use the words that have a direct line to the French soul.

More options and discounts: At your home or office? or call for a quote. Ask about our multiple family member and business to business discounts. What is an idiomatic expression anyway? Zaia Locations:. Othman Locations: Online. Ready To Get Started? Tell Us About Yourself. Follow Us.

French classes los angeles

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Adult French Classes for Parents of LILA Students