Freecycle dayton ohio

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I have OLD flower pots need updated to pretty once again! Thank you! I am renting this house. Would love ideas on ways to improve the curb appeal. Any suggestions? I need a desktop and place for a 20 inch Kiln. I also want a space for shelves and a chair or two. I live in Texas and I love the coast. I'm getting it wired for I'm turning my satalite dish into a water catcher for my green house my husband got me epoxie to seal the dish.

My question is how do I prepare the dish so that the What should I use to support the weight of a Galvanized tub with dirt in it? I've seen shepard hooks used but it didn't support the weight of my tub. Another cool item I found garage saleing. It is all metal and very heavy. Don't know what it was or even what it is. The lady painted it this ugly color and just had Answer this question.

Rocks that can be carried by hand. Shoshana on May 23, Are these for decorating? Do you have any forests around? You can go scavenging there for some rocks. Helpful Reply. Wanda sinnema on May 23, Many communities now have community web sights with great things for free. Post a few s on public bulletin boards in grocery stores. Garden centers often have a board for notices I'd ask the clerks or landscape deers at the garden centers they often know people who are redoing spaces looking to get rid of things.. Shirley Heikkinen on May 23, Does Dayton have the "freecycle.

You can ask on there for free rocks. Freecycle does request that new members post something to give away before asking for something, but it may not be a requirement in your area. Linda Sikut on May 24, It's my understanding that freecycle. Use that time to see how others post and watch to see if someone else is giving something away. If you see something you want, send an with a polite request. People often get multiple requests for items they post and a polite request is a plus in them deciding who to choose.

Also be careful with your wording. I own a freecycle group and it's important to know that this is a group that gives things away to recycle items to someone local. Some groups don't allow things like rocks and plants because they are not considered something that would go into a landfill. My suggestion would be to read the group rules carefully before posting for a Wanted item. Also remember that this is not for 'needed' items. When you post a wanted, it is supposed to be for something you want, not something you need. Some groups are more strict about the wording than others so, again, read the group rules.

Other than that, freecycle. That is the purpose of the group. Shirley Heikkinen on May 24, Thank you, Linda, for clarifying this. It's been some time since I've used freecycle, as locally there was a problem with people not showing up when the requested an item I had offered. My offerings were not junk, so that wasn't the issue. So I suggest if anyone using freecycle sets a time to pick up an item, be prompt, do not inconvenience a person willing to give you something.

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Freecycle dayton ohio

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