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Attempts to enforce sexual participation at the Pune ashram did not always stop at psychological pressure. Sometimes it allegedly extended to use of violence. But what end does Rajneesh have in mind for his disciples when he incites them to sexual promiscuity?

According to some commentators on the subject, the real end Rajneesh seeks for his disciples in this area is most likely the loss of their ability to form stable love relationships; such relationships might jeopardise his psychological hegemony over their lives. Either way, what the cult leader is attempting to do is to prevent pair bonding and to stop couples from leaving because they love each other more than they love the group. Ex-disciples of Rajneesh allege that the tendency of his cult is definitely to enforce sexual participation.

Allegedly, attempts to enforce sexual participation at the Pune ashram did not always stop at psychological pressure, but sometimes extended to the use of violence. The infamous film Ashram, made by ex-disciple Wolfgang Dobrowolny, shows an attempted gang rape during an ashram encounter group.

According to Boadella, sannyasins in Pune were also tacitly, if not explicitly, encouraged to participate in prostitution as a means of earning their livelihoods. It became epidemic. Not surprisingly, venereal diseases, particularly gonorrhea and herpes, were also reportedly epidemic at the Pune ashram. Probably due to this experience, medical authorities at Rajneeshpuram reportedly screen new arrivals very carefully for sexual diseases.

Ex disciples Smith and Harfouche say that they did not witness any sex orgies while they were at Rajneeshpuram. But the most telling description of the emotional end result of Rajneesh-style sexuality may have been given by Ma Satya Bharti in her book, Drunk on the Divine.

She was disappearing, vanishing into thin air. Then there was nothingness, emptiness. India needs free, fair, non-hyphenated and questioning journalism even more as it faces multiple crises. But the news media is in a crisis of its own. There have been brutal layoffs and pay-cuts. The best of journalism is shrinking, yielding to crude prime-time spectacle.

ThePrint has the finest young reporters, columnists and editors working for it. Sustaining journalism of this quality needs smart and thinking people like you to pay for it. Whether you live in India or overseas, you can do it here. Support Our Journalism. I can guarantee this person who wrote this article knows nothing about Osho has never read a book from him and is going off hearsay.

Oshos whole message is about doing what you want and deprogramming the voices of others in your head. Literally the complete opposite of what he was doing is what you try to represent knowing nothing. He changed your name and he chose the colour you should wear. He separated families and he soaked up the worship.

He enjoyed material riches and told you what you wanted to hear. Children were separated from their mothers and fathers and were exposed to drug taking and sexual practices at a young age. Kids who came out of that ashram were in their own words left rudderless, insecure and confused about life.

The adults left their kids to it so that they could explore their sexual and psychological desires. Beware of anyone who wants your loyalty at the expense of the loyalty of your own partner and children. This is brainwashing on a vast scale. Spiritual awakening can be achieved without following one guru into the abyss. The powers that be and their presstitutes are afraid to lose their grip and their voting sheeple are afraid of the unknown.

Especially these days when there is a great awakening, they need to slander and assassinate the character of such people who could show a better way and had proven love works. Reading this, it feels like a completely other experience than I had. I was from toll in the ashram and living in Pune. I participated in several groups, given by Osho to me. In non of them sexual violence was practised. I had with my husband and wanted a healthy relation. So no sex with others and no-one interfered into my decition!.

If society could bear more of such courageous Beings, it would be healthier , than it is now. Ma Satprem Yeshe Dolma. Tuesday, 12 October, in. Forgot your password? Get help. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. India needs to talk about stress because now even gurus are killing themselves. Totally agree. They know nothing about osho.

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Free love community usa

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