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For the most up to date pictures and videos of our current bengal babies please visit our Facebook , Instagram , or YouTube . Halloween Cuties. Birthday: August 29, On Hold. Dessert Babies. Birthday: June 7, Ice Cream. Banana Pudding.

Apple Pie. Cheese Cake. Please Note-. If they appear squinty, watery, or half closed this is normal at this age. You may also notice some of the kitten's pupil's are not looking straight forward, this is because their optical nerves have not finished tightening. If you see a kitten with huge black spots, the centers will lighten as they grow and those spots will become beautiful rosettes.

ALL of our kittens also have glittered coats. You get to choose your own TICA registered name for your kitten. Please read our about how to avoid Bengal scams before you send any money to anyone for a kitten!!!! If breeder has an option to place a deposit for a kitten on their website without you ever even speaking to them, this should be a HUGE red flag that they are NOT a good breeder!!! Obviously they only care about getting your money and could care less who the kitten goes to live with!

Please do not support breeders like this. Even if they are selling registered cats this is so wrong on so many levels!!! Some of these kittens may become available, but it's best to get on the waitlist and hold your spot in line. You may still inquire about the kitten. We would LOVE for you to take a few minutes and read our About Us to learn more about our family and what makes our cattery and kittens so special! If you are interested in purchasing a kitten please for Bengal kitten pricing. We post weekly pictures and videos of our Bengal kittens on our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube s for you to see.

Our kittens are raised on diet of the best quality, extra high protein, grain free, corn and soy free, by-product free, filler free kitten food. We also use high quality wet food and cooked chicken to ensure that they arrive to your home in optimal health. All of our kittens receive their first TWO sets of shots, are microchipped, have a complete health and fecal exam by our vet, are wormed four times, litter box trained, and guaranteed socialized before they go to their new homes.

Kittens also come with a THREE year health guarantee we have healthy kittens and stand behind that , TICA registration papers, extremely detailed kitten care information packet, pedigree, a boutique style gift bag with lots of our favorite kitten toys, one month of Revolution, their own mommy and me blanket that smells like their mom and will comfort them at their new home, help and support for any questions or concerns you may have, contract, and their complete health records with recommended shot schedule.

Please about shipping options! I really didn't want to have to put this on my website, but I feel like I must. Anyone can copy, but it takes years of hard work to actually know what you are doing and talking about. I have had people copy my website non stop over the years.

If you see a website that's questionable and looks like mine please send me a link. I will have my lawyer look into it take any necessary legal actions. Anyone can claim they raise kittens in a certain manner and that they are played with everyday. Make sure they can back it up and they aren't just writing what they saw elsewhere or what they think you want to hear. Ask for a new video of the kitten interacting with someone to see if it's social or if they really even have the kitten before you send them money!

There are a LOT of scammers out there. I work VERY hard to make sure I'm raising the sweetest, healthiest, and most social kittens possible. It makes me furious to see people get taken advantage of, lied to, and to see their children's hearts broken when they get skittish non social kitten or no kitten at all. We have excellent history with everyone one of our clients!!! Not a single unhappy customer ever!!!

Please see our reference !!! Our waiting list fills up fast so if you're sure you want a kitten please contact me about getting on it. Specializing in breeding brown spotted Bengal kittens and snow spotted Bengal. Our Current Bengal Kittens. Please Note- 1 The pictures above are taken when the babies have not had their eyes opened for very long.

Purchasing a kitten:. Specializing in breeding brown spotted Bengal kittens and snow spotted Bengal kittens with glitter in Louisiana.

Free kittens new orleans

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