Ford f-150 camper shell

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Due to its sheer popularity and s, it makes sense to build a truck camper that can be safely hauled on this truck. Not only that, but many Ford Fs are daily drivers and need to split time between work and play. Fortunately, truck camper manufacturers know this and have done their homework by building a wide variety of campers that are lightweight and easy to store. Remember, you saw this comprehensive, well-researched list here first, well before Internet copycats with nearly identical lists publish theirs.

The Lance is one of our favorites as well. Not only does it provide a north-south queen bed and a full size wet bath with a sink, but it also features a large kitchen and a dinette long enough to sleep an adult. With standard equipment, the Lance weighs just 1, pounds dry and 1, pounds wet. It has a floor length of 6 feet 10 inches long and offers a spacious 6 feet 9 inches of interior height. The tank sizes of this short-bed camper are excellent with 22 gallons fresh, 15 gallons grey, and 16 gallons black. Versatile enough to fit on both 6.

Still, many Fs will need to have the suspension upgraded and have higher rated wheels and tires installed to haul this luxury hotel around—unless, of course, the truck is already equipped with the heavy-duty payload package. We also recommend getting the 5. Available at top dealerships nationwide. A relatively new de by truck camper guru Rory Willet, the Bundutec Wild pushes the truck camper envelope in a big way.

The Wild not only comes with a complete wet-bath, but also a large, grey water holding tank that makes using that wet-bath practical. Easily, one of the 10 best campers for the Ford F With a floor length of 6. The Hawk features a gallon fresh water tank, a fully equipped kitchenette, an east-west queen bed, a three-way 1.

Customers can choose from one of three floorplans when ordering a Hawk—a roll-over side couch, side dinette, or a front dinette. For those want a more amenities, a cassette toilet and an outside shower can both be added as options. Interested in extending your time off-grid? Four Wheel Campers has that covered, too, by offering a watt roof-mounted solar system, a dual battery setup, an liter DC compressor refrigerator, and two pound propane tanks.

Four Wheel Campers uses a proprietary tie-down system consisting of four, zinc-coated eye bolts reinforced with steel backing plates that are mounted to the bed of the pickup. The advantage of having a hidden system like this is that it not only presents a clean look on the outside of the camper, but it also works great for driving off-road. This rugged, well-made camper can take you almost anywhere you want, and with its welded aluminum frame and aluminum exterior, will last for decades. Well, look no further.

The benefits of this telescoping de are obvious. Not only does it provide full standing room in the interior when camping, but also less wind resistance and better gas mileage. It also makes the camper more capable off-road. In the Alaskan 6. Standard features in this wood-framed, 1,pound camper include a gallon fresh water holding tank, a three-way 2. One group battery comes standard, but as many as two can be added as an option. Easily, one of the 10 best campers for the Ford F loaded with numerous benefits. The list price for the Alaskan 6. Introduced in , the Hallmark Milner 6.

Like all Hallmark campers , the Milner 6. In spite of its very stout construction, the camper still only weighs 1, pounds dry and handles like a dream. Hallmark even gives you options with the interior cabinetry. All campers come standard with Oak or Amber Bamboo cabinets. Better yet, Hallmark campers come with a 5-year structural warranty, one of the best in the entire industry. A great camper, one of the 10 best campers for the Ford F, the Milner 6.

At pounds, the Caribou Lite 6. The construction of this well-equipped camper consists of vacuum bonded composite walls, a full walk-on roof, and a fully welded, boxed aluminum frame. The Caribou Lite is insulated to the max with Owen Corning block foam insulation in the hard walls, and Weblon three-layer insulation in the soft walls.

One feature that really stands out is the full-size cabover bed that pulls out into a full-size queen. Highlights include a gallon fresh water tank, 5-gallon propane tank, a 1. Notable options of the Caribou Lite 6. Easily, one of the 10 best campers for the Ford F pickup truck. The Caribou Lite 6. Interested in a semi-custom pop-up to haul on your Ford F?

Well, the good folks at Phoenix Campers build perhaps the coolest looking truck campers in the industry. Customers start with a base model like the Mini-Max and add only the options that they want. With a dry weight of only 1, pounds, construction consists an all-aluminum double welded tube cage frame, stuffed with high density foam, and protected by a tough outer shell of pre-laminated thick, one piece Crane fiberglass.

Mini-Max highlights include an gallon fresh water tank, a Thetford cassette toilet , an 8-gallon grey water holding tank, and Dometic 1. The standard cabinet color is birch with a clear coat finish, but more exotic cabinet materials like bamboo can be ordered.

Popular options include integrated power inverters with a built-in transfer relay, solar power systems of various sizes, roof racks, a rear ladder, flood lights, a low profile air conditioner, and Rotopax fuel-water containers. The de is so exquisite it even works well on mid-size trucks albeit with smaller holding tanks. All Capri campers feature an attractive, diamond pattern aluminum exterior that can be ordered in 10 different exterior base colors with different colored accents and stripes.

The company also offers three different interior wood paneling options for its campers—Weathered Cedar, Ridge Pine, and Pecan—and can be ordered in different bed lengths, including 8-foot, 6. A great little camper, the only real negative with the non-cabover de is its 5-foot interior height—watch your head. The AT Overland Summit delivers on features and adventure in a big way, yet weighs only pounds.

Unlike the traditional slide-in pop-up, the Summit truck topper sits on top of the bed rails of the truck and has no floor. This new and innovative approach makes the camper lighter than a standard slide-in pop-up camper, yet still retains a comfortable sleeping platform for owners. Each topper is built to order. Built for Ford F 5-foot and 6-foot beds. A revolutionary approach to truck camper de by Yakima, Washington-based Adventurer Manufacturing, the Scout Olympic incorporates a of industry-first add-ons to save on weight.

These removable add-ons include a roof-top pop-up tent, that increases the sleeping capacity by two, a Dometic CFX3 75L refrigerator-freezer with WiFi, a 4. Standard features include a Renogy watt solar panel, a moon roof with a screen and solar reflective shade, a four-person dinette with sleeper conversion, and dual 5-pound propane bottles. With a dry weight of only 1, pounds, the Scout Olympic 6. The Olympic supports four-season travel with an optional Newport Real Flame 4, BTU propane fireplace and standard robust insulation.

Particularly noteworthy, is that the Scout Olympic can sleep up to six people when you include the roof-top tent, an unheard of for a truck camper let alone a camper built for a half-ton truck. Interested in a long-bed model for a half-ton truck? The company has that angle covered too with the Scout Kenai , which features a floor length of 7. Before purchasing your camper, make sure your Ford F can handle the extra weight. When it comes to hauling a truck camper, the payload rating trumps all other performance s including horsepower, fuel-mileage, and torque.

For a Ford F with the heavy-duty payload package, this rating can be a low as 1, pounds or as high as 3, pounds. This means the camper you buy, plus passengers and gear, must be below this . Determining the payload rating of your Ford F is easy. This is because only a small of factory Fs are made to do it. In order for this truck to carry more weight, light truck LT load range C or D wheels and tires and a set of Hellwig Helper Springs at a minimum will be needed.

When it comes to hauling a truck camper, payload is king, which is why you want more of it. Indeed, when it comes to hauling a truck camper, the Ford F is better suited to go small and light, which is why we recommend so many pop-ups and toppers in this list. We were ready for more mobility and less hassle.

A reader recently ed me this photograph of this truck and camper combo and to say I was shocked when I first saw it would be an understatement. This photo provides all of the evidence []. Introduction Our Outfitter Caribou Lite 6. Need more info. Our camper needs are more basic: a comfortable, safe refuge to rest or nap; prepare a light lunch or snack, visit out of the way remote areas and over night as needed, and of course, basic washroom needs…and last, a de user friendly for a senior couple. We are searching for a light, quality, easy to use, slide in camper for our Ford F with upgraded heavier duty suspension package.

We are looking at quality over price. All rights reserved. Mello Mike is an Amazon. Powered by WordPress. Bundutec Wild A relatively new de by truck camper guru Rory Willet, the Bundutec Wild pushes the truck camper envelope in a big way. Four Wheel Camper Hawk With a floor length of 6. Alaskan 6. Hallmark Milner 6. Outfitter Caribou Lite 6. Scout Olympic 6. Like this: Like Loading About Mello Mike Articles. A communications expert, he retired from the U.

Ford f-150 camper shell

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5 Ford F Camper Options For America’s Best Selling Half-Ton Truck