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What if….. This may piss you off, but there are men out there waiting to devote themselves to you. Most men are not stupid and unwilling to commit as many women like to make out that they are. In fact, men actually DO want to commit and have a relationship with you. They need you to become the kind of woman that is easy to want a relationship with, because he feels compelled to take care of you and love you forever.

Until she shows up in his life. When you show up as the one and only, that is when men will actually come to you, ask you out and want to commit to you. Here is how to find the right boyfriend avoid these 3 traits and find one quickly. Is your man serious about committing to you? This sense of lack, or starvation, can make you feel willing to settle for any man that seems like he might provide the intimacy and security that you want. Even if he is toxic , or the wrong man for you.

For example, research has shown over and over that most people have the same thoughts they did yesterday, and most people have the same thoughts they had last week, and the same thoughts they had last month, last year…. And this applies to how you think your mindset towards your relationships, and men as well. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different is the definition of insanity. By the way, there are exactly 7 s that a woman is low value to men.

Do you know what these s are? And how to avoid them like the plague? And I really want you to not just attract any low value man , I want you to attract the right man for you. Because I know it is possible, and because I know that life being single is lots of fun at times, but you never get the beauty and the JUICE in your life that you can get from opening yourself to an intimate relationship with a man.

Once you have the gift of awareness of why you have not yet found the right one for you, you could find him faster than you ever imagined. Effort without the right approach is useless to you. I believe what you and I really need is the vulnerability to lead with playfulness. Playfulness le to romantic love and romantic tension. You need the vulnerability to truly love and appreciate a man. And the awareness to know that entering a relationship always means you will experience pain. What you also need is to be open minded enough to understand and appreciate a few things about what men find high value and worthy of committing to.

What is the ONE thing you can say to ANY man that will capture his attention, trigger his curiosity and make him hang onto every word you say? You may not think you actually want to be alone, because you keep wanting that special someone in your life; but you actually do. So instead of embodying the one most important trait that brings a man closer — emotional openness — she pushes men away over and over again. They need to see your vulnerability in order to feel for you, fall in love with you , and to enter in to a relationship with you. Like many wise, single, successful yet beautiful women, you have become better at pushing people away namely: men than you are at bringing them closer.

More so your subconscious perceptions about what being in a relationship with the right man would mean to you. And what is in your subconscious often comes from past hurts with other men, or even male members of your own family. Instead, you sabotage the relationship by pushing him away.

If you have issues with anxiety, I strongly suggest you check these 15 s you may have abandonment issues! And of course, a man feels this anxiety within you, so the relationship starts to die after months. In actual fact, the relationship is falling victim to your fears and his fears. But huge issues come when we LIVE in fear that we are not enough, because it causes us to shrink and hide away, rather than add value to our relationships! As soon as he does something that triggers a fear inside of you, you do something that scares him and pushes him away.

We say we want something, but our subconscious mind drives us to do things that sabotage the very thing we want. Every time you are dating a man and find yourself acting our of fear and sabotaging the relationship, bring the focus back to feeling loved, worthy and loving.

Of course, you cannot properly do this if you have overwhelming emotions that are taking over you, so, prioritise feeling first. Feeling is important, but at some point, you have to get back up and become emotionally resourceful. So take a moment to think about all the things the moments that you have felt loved, worthy and safe. Think about a time when you felt immense pride for yourself. Think about a time when somebody told you that you were brilliant, nice, generous or beautiful. This will allow you develop some emotional resources to stop sabotaging your relationship or your love life.

Most importantly, thank yourself for being YOU. You are perfect as you are, you always have been! This will get the ball rolling towards you unlocking your true feminine radiance , and more emotionally resourceful. You have to consciously focus on the things that are going to benefit you and allow you to effortlessly find the right one for you.

I bet money on the fact that even those of us who have had horrible lives can find at least one moment in our past. ONE memory that you can hold onto, to help you melt your fears, and instead feel loved and worthy. If you want to feel emotionally resourceful, try not to dwell too long on disempowering, bad quality questions questions like:. As soon as you find yourself focusing on these things, bring the focus BACK to loving, happy moments from your past! Basically, never underestimate the power of an imaginary friend.

When all else fails, be your own best friend. Have you ever felt that you keep attracting the wrong kinds of men? How you set up your online dating profile can literally mean the difference between attracting the right men to you, or attracting all the wrong kinds of men to you. Men will subconsciously categorise women that they meet into two different and they often pursue them with the same intensity in the beginning.

It becomes very hard to change the basket a man subconsciously put you in, and to become his one and only. It is futile to try to short-cut the very organic process of naturally building emotional attraction and emotional connection. Here is The no.

The best thing to do to get men to want to commit to you fast, is to start by leading with playfulness and a genuine desire to connect. Research by professional anthropologists such as Helen Fisher has proven this to be the case. We look for his provider value. We also look for his status and resources , whereas men when they meet the right woman , just like to fall in love and commit to the right woman. Seek to connect and appreciate — for yourself — to add value to yourself and to appreciate the world.

You really have nothing to lose. Check it out here. All you need to do is respect the importance of being playful, and interact playfully with more men. Also, in online dating, you need to initiate more in online dating and here are 3 reasons why women should initiate in inline dating.

In person, you can chat to the men of your choice during your daily running of errands, at the post office, in the grocery store, or even in the coffee shop in the elevator even? I am trying to suggest that you need to get better at leading with playfulness, speaking to men and being comfortable with them.

As you know, men generally find it very hard to approach women because of their fear of rejection by women. And this fear is paralysing for them at times. So, to help men come towards you, simply remove this fear for them first. You need to be speaking to lots of men, and eliminating the majority of them quickly, using a concept my husband and I call high value banter.

When you use the dark feminine art of high value banter, you will connect with the high value ones and eliminate the narcissists, the abusive men, the low value men and the time wasters! You also need to make sure that your online dating profile stands out from the sea of other profiles. You can do this through your eyes, as an accepting look, or you can do this through your smile as an accepting smile.

Here is what I want you to do. Imagine him. Imagine him…what he looks like, how he stands, how he smiles, how he talks…. Imagine his personality. Right might hang out, at least you get to observe what this kind of man is like. You can feel a lot more abundant by getting asked out by a 10 out of 10 than you can by having a bunch of average Joes asking you out.

What matters is that you are leading with playfulness , and gaining the skill or being playful and talking to men! In fact, the ladies who have used our dark feminine tool of high value banter have found that they get asked out super quickly on real dates by men! Here are a few examples from women in our facebook group, of how they have used high value banter with great success:. So, go ahead, try it. Be playful and banter in a high value way with men. You can learn how to banter in this article.

Every time you step outside of your comfort zone to do something new, you take home a beautiful gift:. By the way, I want to teach you 5 secrets to having your man fall deeply in love with you and beg you to be his one and only.

Find your man

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