Fill dirt charlottesville

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Dos Amigos offers many services to keep your lawn, landscape, and grounds looking great all year. With regular mowing, trimming, nutrient application, weeding and clean-up, your property will always look great and you will be enhancing your investment. Dos Amigos provides a comprehensive list of services to keep your property looking its best year round. Let Dos Amigos keep it cut for you. Reasonable prices and guaranteed quality!

Flower Bed and Plant Installation— Big or small; Dos Amigos can install them all Hard Edging— If you really want to have your flower beds stand out, you have to have a clean visible line between your yard and your beds. Landscape Lighting — Enhance your outdoor landscape spaces for entertaining and night time display. Hard Scapes for patios, sidewalks, retaining walls— We can create the right hardscape for you. Stone, pavers, wood, gravel…we do it all. Drainage — We can repair drainage problems in your yard or around your buildings.

French Drains— installation to help keep the water away from your home. Compost, topsoil, fill dirt and gravel installation— Dos Amigos can amend the soil in your lawn with the highest quality compost and topsoil. Leaf Removal— We offer complete leaf removal services. Our crews use high powered blowers to move the leaves into wooded areas or we can vacuum the leaves on to our vacuum trucks for complete removal.

Dos Amigos has a of highly qualified Landscape Architects we utilize on a regular basis; let us introduce them to you! Ask us, Dos Amigos is happy to help. It has never looked better in the 30 years we have lived here. The terraces look absolutely fantastic, better than I imagined.

The Dos Amigos crew was always considerate and conscientious.

Fill dirt charlottesville

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