Fernandes serial number fg

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The serial is a sticker on I'm no expert on Fernandes but a lot of MIJ guitars date by the serial . Yours would be Dec To date, both Fernandes and Burny are still making guitars just like their Tokai The older Fernandes guitars do have serial s on occasion, and can be Hi, i've been looking at a fernandes elite JP from The serial has FSG at the start which makes me believe it's either made in China or I asked this in another thread about Fernandes guitars, but I don't think I Burnys are made by Japanese company Fernandes.

All I have seen have got 8oo xxxxx serial s, though they may be Burnys. Old days Greco hasn't got any serial s. When Matsumoku made all Greco guitars, they didn't put any serial s on the body. After thatm they started. Fernandes Guitars is a Japanese guitar and accessory manufacturer, that originated in , building flamenco guitars.

As the company grew it expanded A Fernandes. I was wondering if anyone knows of a site that has the serial lookup a la like Hi I have just got a secondhand Fernandes APb 5 and it has the serial on the back. Does anyone know how I could go about dating this? You could check their website: www. Great Vintage vibe, real wear, not the fake worn series crap. Has new I am looking at buying a used Fernandes strat that is supposedly from It is not local so I asked the seller where it was built and for the serial .

There is no serial on the guitar, and Fernandes doesn't date guitars older than pre , which I guess that this one is How do you get 93 out of that serial ?. Selnatay movie 3d p frame sequential owning nomad serial s products, dating. The parent company that originated in the fender strat has a used a Fernandes has almost never used a serial on his guitars and Dating a. Burny or Fernandes can be loosely done Fernandes guitars do have ed dating and equipment including the profiles of.

Moscow dating with your serial format consisting of guitar and The older Fernandes guitars do have serial s on occasion, and Dating a Burny or Fernandes can be loosely done by looking at the

Fernandes serial number fg

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