Feelings of love

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Posted by Samantha Finegan Dating and Relationships. We might wonder the first time we feel butterflies. Or when we meet someone who redefines what we thought of love before. The thing that people sing songs about, chase at all costs, and even start wars over? We all understand love differently. We practice it differently. And when two people come together, how they each understand and practice love will influence their relationship. Love evolves, too. In either case, the result will inform how we understand love moving forward. It transcends us. Download the PDF version for future reference!

While we all experience love differently, these s may help you understand whether you love somebody, and how to love someone in return. You may feel confused. Insane, even. Everything makes the most sense and the least, all at once. You feel ballsy and terrified and empowered and vulnerable. You wake up each day to the thought of them.

Everyone in your past fades, and you see no one else in your future. If things get physical, it can be mind-blowing. Every touch is electric. Every kiss, transformative. Every whisper, illuminating. Each experience deepens your bond. You can barely focus on other tasks. You wonder how someone could have taken such a strong hold of your heart. This phase can last from a few months to three years. During this stage, your brain is flooded with chemicals—namely:.

That le us to When you love someone, you open up your heart—sometimes, before you feel ready. You may not feel you even know how to love someone. Are you doing it right? Are they doing it right to you? This relationship anxiety is often more prevalent when you first begin to love somebody.

You may feel more sensitive. Look out for you. Love you back. Say, a surge of nerves. How dare this person threaten your ability to thrive alone? In fact, you feel incredibly lucky to have found them. But that same feeling can translate into fear of loss. What if the feelings of love fade? What if they turn out to be someone entirely different? Your mind is running a million miles a minute. And it can make the sanest of lovers feel insane. Love is an adjustment. The joy of it, and the fear of losing it, are two sides of the same coin.

Practice focusing on the right side— the bright side —and the rest will fall into place. When love knocks on your door, you might swing the door wide open, releasing everything about you into the open air. For what might be the first time, you have someone who gets you. Someone to bounce ideas off of, help you see things more clearly, and even provide unique insights of their own. The urge to share your entire life story all at once can be strong. You want to tell them about that one time your boss said that annoying thing.

You want to tell them about your hobbies, your favorite foods, your triumphs, your disappointments. And if your new love feels like you do, they may share your desire to overshare. And even if someone becomes less physically attractive over time. In short: lust is too little. Infatuation is too much. Love is just right. While love requires feeling more than just lust or infatuation, love is also more than a feeling. During that stage, the moment you fall in love le to emotional highs. As time goes on, you may develop a strong association between love and euphoria.

That conclusion relies on the presence of feelings alone, when love in fact has the power to weather emotional ups and downs. Commit to the highs, the lows, the mundane, and all the rest with the person before you—because of who they are and who you both are together. If you choose to commit, remember: love is standing on your own two feet before you stand with someone else. Ever met someone who understood you before you even asked to be understood? And to have that brain connection makes you feel warm, relieved, and at home.

It refers to shared values, or a similar way of viewing the world. It can even refer to a similar way of thinking or making decisions—even when you view the world differently. And you have the same power over them. There are plenty of reasons to be selfish—not all of which are bad.

You feel sadness when the world knocks them down. You feel joy when they flourish. You just want your partner to be happy. It becomes less about what you can get, and more about what you can give. When both you and your partner feel this way, the relationship flourishes. You make each other a priority.

Even just sitting on the couch and chatting can be a good time. You can tease and play. And both of you are made better for it. It builds you up. It makes you feel valued, just as you are. It makes you feel confident, empowered, and free. It makes you feel like you can set out to become your best self, all while being proud of who you are now. Having someone to depend on can also, ironically, make you feel more independent. You know that already.

Feelings of love

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The Difference Between Loving Someone and Being in Love with Them