Fault finding bible

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What the Bible says about Fault Finding From Forerunner Commentary 2 Samuel Michal, revealing another aspect of her nature, accuses David of dancing shamefully before the maids of his servants. Jealousy had set so deeply in her heart that it led her to despise her husband.

Her embarrassment—which no one else seemed to share—blinded her to the larger occasion of giving God glory. She could see the celebration going on from her window, but in her self-centered jealousy and pride, she refused to rejoice with the rest of Israel. She could only find fault. Proud Michal felt that her husband should do things the way she thought they should be done—evidently, with stately grandeur rather than wild abandon.

Her jealousy caused her to try to make David feel guilty for celebrating as he did. The king does not let her off easily, but lets her have a piece of his mind! Today, we might call Michal a "party pooper," but in reality, her transgression was far more serious.

Because she could not see past her baseless pride and jealousy, she was punished with barrenness. Some commentators suggest that she was not to come before the king the rest of her life! Ronny H. Romans We can often see our faults more clearly in other people, yet we usually fail to apply them to ourselves. Because our reaction is so often to criticize negatively, we usually do not see that we are guilty of the same things. If we find a certain type of behavior especially irritating in others, we may have the same problem! To illustrate this blindness to our own sins, recall David's sin , recorded for all the world to see in II Samuel , when God sent Nathan to show David his sin with Bathsheba.

Nathan told of a case in which a rich man who owned many sheep had stolen a poor man's pet lamb and killed it to eat for dinner. King David was outraged that anyone would be so greedy and selfish, so he pronounced the death penalty on this man. Then Nathan quietly pointed out that David had done the exact same thing when he stole Uriah's wife and sent Uriah to his death.

David was a man who, when he recognized his sin, would deeply repent. So how far his heart fell at that time, we can only imagine. He must have been devastated. What angers us about others in God's church? Consider this carefully, since in the answer may be a clue to our secret sins. Martin G. Galatians In its broader context, Galatians has spiritual matters more directly in mind than physical needs. This does not deny that there are times to help out physically, but the chapter begins with, "If one sees a brother in a fault. It is concerned primarily with spiritual matters, where the church's problems really lie.

The church's problems are spiritual in nature. In terms of the ministry, from the top of the administration on down, its emphasis must be on "feeding the flock. It has first priority, not the preaching of the gospel to the world. John W. This daily newsletter provides a starting point for personal study, and gives valuable insight into the verses that make up the Word of God. See what over , subscribers are already receiving each day. The Bereans "received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so" Acts Related Topics: Fault Finding Jealousy Michal Pride Refuser of Festivities Romans We can often see our faults more clearly in other people, yet we usually fail to apply them to ourselves.

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Fault finding bible

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