Faith in god activity ideas

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Most five-year-olds love school and all that it encompasses—their teacher, new friends and even homework! Tap into this enthusiasm and make this special time truly "special. This table can hold your classroom Bible and any other objects, pictures or books that will remind the children of God's gift of creation or of the Holy Family.

On your first day of school, along with all the other things you want to remember, try to keep in mind the objective of this first chapter: taking care of someone or something is a that that person or thing is special to us. Take the time to introduce your class to various centers in your classroom. Save the prayer corner till last and plan to pray your first group prayer in this area. Five-year-olds are born explorers and though some may be hesitant at first, they will love to feel, sniff, squeeze, examine and delve into everything.

Helping your kindergartners to use their five senses to explore God's world will provide fun for them and for you. God has created everything in this world for us—the land, the water, the sun, the moon, and the stars. Children and the outdoors make a perfect match! If inclement weather or your geographic location makes outside play impossible, bring the outdoors to your classroom. Teaching young children is so energizing. Five-year-olds are so creative and their imaginations are boundless. Tap into this God-given gift and let their spirits soar. Remind the children that God shows his love for us in many ways.

This week we are celebrating the gift of animals and plants. Young children really, all of us need to feel special and to feel like a part of something special. Show by your daily example that you accept and reverence each child. Even if your experience with the day before was not positive—today is a new day! Remember, God makes all people good.

As you go through the year and teach each Faith First chapter, you have the opportunity to carry into each week the ly taught lessons. It is so important to emphasize the importance of caring and respecting each other just as God loves and respects us. Remind your children daily that God always takes care of us.

Most young children love to hear Bible stories from the Old Testament—how God created the world; Noah and his ark; David and Goliath; and the story of Moses. New Testament s of the Birth of Christ; Jesus and the children; and the various miracles of Jesus hold their attention as well.

There are so many families represented in your classroom and just as many varieties! Each and every family of every imaginable configuration is special. It is important that children accept their family as special for them. This chapter introduces the Church as our home in God's family. Just as Ernesto did in this week's story, your children may interpret this as having two families—a family at home some may have "two home" families and a Church family. Tap into this feeling of belonging and introduce the children to their role in the Church family.

This will help the kindergartners to feel part of something special. All of us need to feel cared for—especially young children. Kindergarten-age children are deep thinkers. They ponder what they hear and what they think they hear. For every child that you see before you who appears to come from a stable family, there are many more who don't. As the children share ways their family cares for them, it is important that we as educators point out ways that they are cared for but they may not notice.

Then we can point out the people that God has given to them—grandparents, after school care providers, teachers Jesus' visit to Zacchaeus' house taps into the children's love of visiting each other's homes. After sharing the story of Zacchaeus and discussing 73 in your Faith First book with your class, help them to remember the key words and actions of the story.

As teachers we are in a position to be positive role models for our students. Very often we see ourselves—- our sense of humor, our walk, our way of doing things—- mirrored in our children. Jesus, the teacher, is truly our role model and his children look to us for all their answers. The reality that Jesus is always with us and willing to help us is a fact that bears repetition. This activity will help to strengthen this truth. Wonderful things happen when children share a common bond. Knowing that we are all friends of Jesus is the best bond ever!

Jesus invites everyone to be his friends. Through Baptism we become special friends of Jesus and members of the Church. This lesson's activity will reinforce this belief. At Mass we celebrate in a special way and we say, "Thank you" to God. We can never say too many "thank yous" to God for all His gifts to us. Encourage the children to say, "Thank you, God" not just on Thanksgiving but everyday and especially at Mass.

So many times we say to the children: "Listen. It may be that you will hear God speak in a different way today. What a gift we have in the Holy Spirit—always there—always ready to listen—always ready to help us. As you review the objectives of Chapter 18, list the key words on the chalkboard. Use the Word Bank as your guide. We all love to be affirmed. Children are no exception. They will do whatever it takes to get our attention. Let's focus on the good choices they make. This chapter's activity will also encourage the children to focus on good choices.

We are busy people! And because we are busy our children are busy, too. We need quiet time and so do our children. This chapter's activity will encourage children to take special time to talk to God, not only at Mass, but also in their room. I'm Talking to God". Children love to help. Sometimes it's easier to do the job yourself, but it's important to instill in the children that we all need each other. When children see us be "good neighbors" to them and to our colleagues, helping others will soon become part of their life, too.

So, when clean up after free play seems overwhelming, view it as a teachable moment. Let me help you. It looks like Tyler needs help, too. Life is a gift from God. There are many ways that we can thank God for our lives. The best way is to take care of ourselves.

Forming healthy habits is a great way to say, "Thank you, God—thank you for the gift of life. We have all been hurt at one time or another and we have also caused others to have their feelings hurt. We want others to forgive us and we need to be able to forgive others. Knowing that God always knows how we feel and is ready to forgive us is a great comfort. This week's activity will review these concepts. We continue to model for the children that we can pray to God anytime and anywhere. Ours is a loving God who always listens to us. Guide the children to complete this chapter's activity.

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Faith in god activity ideas

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