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Your child gravitates toward younger playmates. While his classmates play football, he prefers LEGOs — or cops and robbers. You might be concerned, but the fact is that socializing with younger friends is a good thing for kids with ADHD. Learn about our editorial process. After all, as children grow older, it is expected that they will mature emotionally as well as physically. Four-year-olds, for instance, should be able to share their toys, at least sometimes. Seven-year-olds should be able to wait to take their turns.

Twelve-year-olds need to be good sports. And by the time kids reach the teen years, they are expected to complete asments independently and to follow through on commitments. But wait … these behaviors are precisely the ones that are hardest for kids who have ADHD. As parents report, youngsters with ADHD often do better socially with children younger than they are. Among younger friends, your child may find someone who shares her interests and will bend to her agenda — something peers are unlikely to do.

Younger children might also be less sensitive to restlessness. Some parents are reluctant to encourage friendships with younger children, worrying that their child will start acting — or continue to act — immature for his age. You may also want to seek opportunities for your child to spend time with older neighbors or relatives who appreciate her enthusiasm, creativity, and spontaneity. This acceptance will bring self-esteem, which, in turn, will strengthen peer relationships.

At the same time, establishing friendships with a few well-matched peers is important. After-school clubs, whether for stamp collecting or karate, can be a way to ease into same-age friendships. A youngster with ADHD may find it easier to strike up a conversation with a stranger if they already know that they share a common interest.

But growing older slower may not be all bad. Children who mature more slowly may not push to get that first car or rush into dating. Community New Contest! Jump to Comments. I Had No Safe Place. Fight, Flight, Freeze… or Fib? Are You Ready to Change? Address.

Expert adult women mature seeks tongue toy

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