Ex dating girl looks like me

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Your situation definitely sounds similar to mine and I appreciate you sharing your story. I also appreciate your point of view and can see this situation in a new light. It is a very odd situation to be in. Yes, it is very odd but ohhh so true, at first it Hit me strange, but hit my poor heart more that he had found someone like me when he really could have had Me But now that I think about it, over him now, I am flattered and happy Bill and Melissa are happy as two birds in a love nest I hope one day it might strike you in the same way Thank you for sharing that and that's exactly how I felt!

My heart hurt initially because he could have had me just like you said! It's still very fresh but that is an interesting and very ificant way to view it, I hope that I will too eventually feel that way but right now my mind though I know and understand this info can't tell my heart to stop feeling this way.

I know with time it will get there : Thank you again for this, this comment was very helpful and supportive. You are so welcome Believe it or not, I know how your broken heart feels, i took me over a year or so to move on from crying and pain Well it's not like we are twins, but she resembles me a lot! I thought I was just being dumb at first but I have shown friends pictures of her and they agree that we do look very much alike.

We also have a lot in common, e. My questions is: Guys, is it common when you stop dating someone you really care for that you date someone that is similar to them whether it be on purpose or not? It just seems like he settled for a second rate version of me because it happened so soon after we broke up and they weren't on his own terms. Share Facebook. My Ex's new girlfriend looks just like me? Add Opinion. Paris13 1. Yes, loveya, it Can happen for it happened to MeAfter we broke up and She was his every dream girl. I was seeing a guy for while, however, during that time, I was engaged to another.

The fiance at the time was doing some drugs and Bill was there with a shoulder to lean on, someone I suddenly Found was everything I ever wanted in a guy. However, we ended splitting up, "On his own terms," for he realized I may not leave the other and it might end up more complicated than he he wanted. One day, I was shopping and noticed a girl in the car who looked just like me.

I had to do a double take for it was then that I RealizedHe found a girl who looked just like me. I went upstairs to talk to him one day and heard this voice that sounded like mine. It then really hit me that they were very serious and whatever we had shared was gone and a newbie in his place was the girl Now that he would be taking him to mom They got married that year and to this day, are still happily on their honeymoon.

I don't believe truthfully that your "EX" had "Settled for a second version of me," but was finding someone who was just like you, only Someone he had More chemistry with and could get along better with. I call her "Second best" and Him I callHaving his cake and eating it too. Good luck. Thank you so much Show All Show Less. I knew that was his type but regardless its a little off-putting in a sense that's difficult to describe.

Sometimes people just have a "type" that they go for. Most guys I like all resemble each other in a way because that's just my preference and "type". It doesn't mean there's hidden meanings to it. The answer is yes. It could be similar looks or personality or both. Guys have types they like too. Its also why a guy might fall in love with an exes best friend. It it takes much longer for guys to get over a relationship. It could take years. I cope by dating a lot and trying to have a lot of sex. On the outside we smile and play it cool. In reality, you broke our heart, have turned us into a player, and we still miss you.

Even while having sex with another woman as morphine for umbarable pain.. So ladies, if you dump a guy and he starts dating a chic who looks like you or has a similar personality It also means that you were probably the exact type of girl that tapped into his sexual and spiritual fantasy of a woman he wants. How much an ex loved you might be measured by how mucj of an influence you had on him after the relationship. He might have changed, matured, gotten muscles, gotten successful Im about to go on a date with a curvy brunette who looks similar to my ex girlfriend who I love and miss.

Curves are hot as hell with long flowing hair. Like my ex girlfriend.. I agree with chten He dated you because you were his type, you had qualities he was looking for. That's likely the same reason why he's dating this new girl, she is his type. So it's not nessesarily that he chose her because she resembles you, it's just that you both happen to have the qualities he looks for in a girl. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Girls, what would you think if your ex boyfriend new girlfriend looked like you? How do I act around my ex's new girlfriend? Sort Girls First Guys First.

It's simply taste. Doesn't mean he still likes you nor that he misses you He simply finds girl with similar characteristics his type. Acenicole Xper 1. SkaterDude Xper 6. Akernar Xper 4. He found a way to have you back in his own way XD.

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Ex dating girl looks like me

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What It’s Like When Your Ex Starts Dating Someone Who Looks EXACTLY Like You