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SMS Print. A Bakeries food lover from Alliance, OH tried it, didn't like it , and rated it. They liked the food , liked the service , and liked the ambiance. We had a bachelorette erotic party in Las Vegas two weeks ago during the holiday season. I was not sure an erotic cake could be found, but to my surprise, the bakery in Las Vegas came through with flying colors.

The cake was immense, tasted first-rate, and looked superior to the photo on the web site. I would highly recommend this site for all exotic cakes, anywhere in the USA. One more thing he up to my sales person. I have ordered 4 times now from them and working on the 5th as we speak. Every experience I have had with them has been 5-star! Every cake I have ordered was enjoyed by everyone! Everyone always asks me about cakes now since ordering from them. I lived in NY and moved to NJ and have had cakes in both states!

Keep up the good work! This was a Bachelorette party in Miami Beach Florida that knocked the socks off my guest with an erotic cake from the Miami store. We put our Adult bachelorette party in Miami Beach together in five hours flat, for our sister and found a hotel on Collins, and then the hotel suggested the Erotic bakery of Miami Beach Florida, for a exotic sweet. They said the bakery never let their guest down, for an erotic cake. The exotic man cake we picked out had jeans, pecks, abs to die for, and one very long dipper standing up, wow.

The delivery came three hours after the first call. The delivery of the erotic cake came one hour early, and all went wow. Can you believe this an adult erotic cake, delivered in Miami Florida beach in a few hours customized, and ready to bite? I highly recommend these guys, and James was a doll. A special thanks to the Erotic bakery in Miami beach, Florida especially James…. The details of this house was i wanted The Gingerbread style christmas house to look similar to my brownstone in New York City.

I was expecting a delivery some time at the end of the season, instead I found that the Gingerbread Special de was ordered, finished and delivered as early as i wanted. It came out so close; I placed an extra order for presents of all my friend and business associates in New York, New Jersey, California, and Chicago, and Atlanta. I expect the same excellence that I can see every day in my living room in New York City.

Thanks to your indulgence on the phone with me, my holiday shopping is done early. I work and live in Los Angeles California Used this Christmas Custom Gingerbread House Bakery last year for my corporate customers here in California, and I have set up this years repeat order for 22 states and 40 Custom Gingerbread different styled Houses for the Christmas Holiday season, the parliamentary photo, sketches, and Gingerbread Christmas Houses look superb.

So in this Gingerbread Christmas house Bakery made 10 Giant jumbo Gingerbread houses, all decked out for the Christmas holiday season. Our company used them for gifts to the executives, and One Huge one for the head honcho. This year we started a project of corporate gifts to our respective clients across the United States. I mention these states to show what reach this Christmas Gingerbread Bakery has for their Ginger houses.

To wrap this comment up, skilled, conferrable, and extremely efficient, is a description i would use for this Christmas Custom Ginger bread house bakery. I have seen detailed order forms; sketches that are drawn like no other, photos of stages of all the models, all dead line are meet with professional timing. If i can say I have no hesitation this is the place for us in coming events for our future Christmas Gingerbread Holiday gifts. Our experience with them last year was top shelf. We had a large Gingerbread project last year in New Jersey, to order a replica of our corporate building, and delivered to many of our top distributors in The New York City, Brooklyn, Bronx, and New Jersey areas.

We called this month and arranged for this years Ginger Bread House Christmas project. We contracted over thirty, models that will look like each of our corporate distributors disconnect ones for each company, the Gingerbread Bakery took the order, went through it all in Three phone calls, produced a contract, Diagrams, set up payment, as professional as last years Gingerbread Christmas House order. Might I add at this time, a week later we had our first model in the New Jersey Newark office, to approve, and as I said, top shelf, again.

Between contracts, sketches, diagram, and attention to such detail, I am so impressed with this company, I am ordering for my self a personal giant custom model of my home in New Jersey, for My Christmas Gingerbread House. It was beautiful cake we got in Miami Beach Florida! Rarely does a blind order exceed expectations. George, explained in detail, how the cake would look and faxed a detailed illustration. When a last minute change was needed, it was done. Not only was the cake nice and raunchy it was absolutely delicious. Kudos to the Baker!

Everyone was taking pictures of the adult cake treat and falling all over themselves. What would have been a ho hum party revved up thanks to the Erotic Bakery of Miami Beach. And thank you George and staff for being there every step of the way and turning out a fantastic product! We have thanks to Erotic Bakery Atlanta Georgia, Imagine a cake smooth shaped, perfect tasting, and on time, then double that.

I live and work in Atlanta Georgia, growing up with my sister I never thought i would be buying a dick cake for my little sisters bachelorettes party ever. So i had a day to plan the cake, called the local in Atlanta, Sally was my sales girl.

Curious, efficient, and she knew all the right questions. The erotic bakery delivered a male shaped torso exotic bachelorette cake to love. We were the envy of the girls, posted all the photo on my Facebook acct. Got so many likes, people loved all the exotic cups with male shapes on them. What a great bakery in Atlanta Georgia, will use for all my events…. I am from Dallas Texas, and was on a vacation in Las Vegas for a bachelorette party last month on the strip looking for a last minute erotic cake. We stayed on the strip in Las Vegas, and needed a bachelorette cake for the same day.

I went on the erotic web site, found a cool cake. Called them, spoke to Sal at the store; he was confident, that all was going to be done by that afternoon. Delivery was at the bell desk by 3pm, and the cake top shelf. Looks, taste, style, all top of the line.

In the car we decide to get an bachelor erotic cake same day. When I came across this web site cakes3 dot com, and it said one hour notice any cake any time, I tested their limits. We where five hours from the strip club off the strip in Las Vegas, I called the bakery and from start to finish it took fifteen minutes. They explained the order process, and with the phones in the car, they showed me all of their styles and cakes, we choice, paid for it, and they sent us an electronic contract by .

Well we pulled in to the club, and the management met us and notified the cake was on the table waiting for us. My girl friends were astonished by all the details, that they put into the male member on the male torso. It was perfection bachelorette erotic cake. Thanks to the staff, and special thanks to sue, my person best friend for all my party cakes for now on.

I needed a rush erotic cake in down town New York City same day. I called this guy; his name is George after chatting with him on a web site. They got the call from me on Saturday at 3pm. My bachelorette erotic cake was for the same night delivery either Brooklyn or Manhattan. I live in Brooklyn; the party was in New York Downtown at 10pm. I wanted a naked man cake fully exposed. I almost dared him that there is no way their advertisement was true, any cake in one hour. He was so cool, calm, and asked questions as if it was second nature, and possible.

I went along, figuring what I can loose. I went through the order process, and five hours later, I got an with the erotic cake that was delivered on time to the New York City club on time. I cannot praise the bakery in New York enough. I called in the morning, and George was the best. He was professional, curious, and efficient. All was fine. The cake was delivered to our Brooklyn New York apartment on time.

Cake even tasted great. The look was outstanding. Erotic bakery Brooklyn New York delivered a cake and it was a pleasure. They delivered an erotic cake in Brooklyn New York to my party site in the strip bar for my cousin bachelor party on time. The phone call came in from my friends to set up this party in two days before the weekend in Brooklyn new York.

I got the strippers, strip club, and party set up. Until it came to the erotic cake for the bachelor party. I went on this bakery site; found they have dozens of stores in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan to choose from.

Erotic bakery new york city

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