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East Heaven Hot Tub Co. I spent a few evenings there on cold winter nights after climbing in the rock wall gym with some friends at the Northampton Athletic Club. On Sunday, in gratitude for our help to paint the interior of a house, my friend treated us to a massage and hot tub soak. There are two things that make this Japanese-style bathhouse unique, aside from being located near downtown Northampton.

For one, they offer public rentals of their hot tubs, both indoor and outdoor, by the half-hour or hour. Secondly, their hot tub and spa services are offered daily, year-round, until midnight on weekdays and until 1 a. From the brick and glass storefront, it's hard to get an idea of the size and style of the place. When you walk through the door, there is a reception desk to your left, a spa entrance to your right, and a lobby area in front of you with restrooms and a doorway to the outdoor tubs beyond. It's always best to call in advance to schedule an appointment, especially if you're bringing a of friends.

East Heaven offers four indoor and four outdoor teak wood or fiberglass tubs, each with a private showering area, that can accommodate up to eight people. For those who are squeamish about communal tubs, a few notes.

From Japan to the Roman Empire, bath houses existed since ancient times as social hubs and as a means of keeping healthy and clean. Even American cityies like New York and Chicago built bath houses in the late s because not every home had a tub. But a good modern bath house, such as East Heaven, also goes to great lengths to keep its facilities as sanitary and inviting as possible, both to please its customers and the local public health board. Instead of chlorine, East Heaven uses a computer-monitored purification system that filters the degree water in each tub every 12 minutes using a treatment of bromine, ozone gas and silver catalytic converters.

Patrons are asked to shower before entering the tub, and refrain from introducing toxins though bubbles, soaps or oils. Every visit I've made, pretty much starts the same way. You are greeted by friendly staff and offered use of the restrooms before heading to the tub. Then, you have options. The indoor tubs are very private, and staff have an extensive list of music that they can play in your room. This is an excellent feature. The downside, I've found, to the indoor tub, is that it gets very hot and sauna like, even in the winter. So if you can't stand the heat, consider booking an outdoor tub.

I've used the outdoor tubs in evening and day times, and found them the best. I've ended up in the same teak tub, every time. You are escorted to a tub by a staffer and given a towel. Clothing is optional. You nare told someone will knock on the door to al that you have five minutes left before your rental time expires. Since it was late afternoon when we visited on Sunday, I got a better look at the area. The roof-top level tub area captured a cooling breeze and opened up to beautiful blue skies. A tall privacy fence surrounds it.

Potted plants and a sunbathing deck add to the serene ambiance. Though the showers do have organic shower gels and shampoo, you may still want to bring your own toiletries. Another thing about the showers I've noticed is that the temperature control isn't the best; it's either cold or gets super hot. That problem aside, we eased into the tubs and turned on the jets. All I can say about this is "Ahhhhhhh. After facing the stresses of work, helping to plan a wedding, while simultaneously packing to move, this was exactly the kind of Zen I needed.

Sunday I ed up for my first tub-massage package. After we did a half-hour tub, we put on the robes XL only , and slippers not made for big-footed people like me , and headed downstairs to the spa. We were introduced to our masseuses, escorted to a warmly-colored candle-lit room and offered a choice of a scented oil for our rubs. Then, more relaxation. From the moment my masseuse sounded a gentle meditation cymbal, all the stress and worries faded away. I had no other obligation but to that massage table and her hands.

Fortunately, I didn't fall asleep and drool, as I had done once during a massage elsewhere. But the experience helped me feel so relaxed, it was hard to get up knowing I'd have to drive back to the Berkshires and re-integrate into the "real world. Until then, if you're in the Northampton area and looking to trade the usual bar suds in for a exciting yet chill night out, be sure to try the bubbling waters and creative massage techniques of East Heaven on for size.

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East heaven spa massage

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