Drugs stored in fat

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They look for the metabolites, the after products of ingestion and they get stored in fat cells. They can detect them in urine samples. It takes a long time for the body to flush them out. Some say, yeah I smoked it 3 weeks ago and they still had a positive urine. Interviewer: If that was the case and it was, several weeks ago maybe even a month back can that still affect their case. The legal limit in New Jersey is. Interviewer: Are they still going to be subjected to a roide field sobriety test? We have cases that say in order for this type of evidence to be admitted, it has to be scientifically reliable, and I submit and routinely defend cases, by saying Drug Recognition Experts are not scientifically reliable.

There has never been a hearing as to their reliability and I assert their testimony should not, be taken into evidence. Examination by a doctor without any laboratory tests to confirm prior use is not possible. No doctor is going to say when someone is under the influence.

I have had people confess to having stuff in their system that they took days before or have confessed to having stuff in their system because they felt brow beaten and then when they had their urine analyzed, there was nothing found. He had no alcohol in his system and he had surgery 3 days before. The DRE took a urine specimen and then the defendant hires me to represent him. I get the urine test and what was in his system? Nothing but Viagra. Case dismissed.

Drugs stored in fat

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