Does your crush like you boys

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Scroll To Start Quiz. Some people might consider us BFFs. We're chill and hang out with the same crew. We know a lot of the same people but aren't really friends. We're basically strangers. I'd seriously be so shook.

I would be pretty bummed. Tbh, I wouldn't be all that surprised. I'd be like bye Felicia. Omg, of course. I'm pretty sure I've heard them say it. Is that actually important? Lol no way. Yes, and I totally get my flirt on right back. Um, I think so. It's cute but also awkward AF.

OOF, it's basically impossible to tell for sure. They would for sure come to my defense and tell the troll to STFU. They might send me a DM to tell me not to worry about it. Tbh, I don't they'd do anything. My crush would probably be the troll. They listen to my ideas to try to see the issue from my point of view. They laugh it off and suggest we talk about something else. They get way tilted and storm off. They give me the silent treatment. Two, but not in a desperate way I think. Three, but it would be more if I could figure them out.

One, I'm kind of whatever about them. Four, they're seriously all I think about. Nope, they're single AF. They've never said anything, but their friends say they're single. Idk, it seems complicated. Yes, and they post the cutest pics. Often, and it's so freaking adorable. Yes, but it can seem a little forced.

Sometimes, but it's sort of mean. Only in my head. They tease them a little but nothing too savage. It's pretty chill, but I can't really tell if they like me. It's kinda weird like I'm invading their space. I've never hung out with my crush's friends. They're by me the whole night. We make some eye contact from across the room. They might say hi, but we don't really interact much. It's like I'm not even there probably because I'm not. I'm way nicer, way smarter and way cuter. Idk, I guess we're sort of similar.

They seem to remember them really fondly. Ugh, don't remind me that their ex is perfect. Everything around us melts away. It's chill, I think. It's so fleeting idk if it really counts. Weird flex but ok. We're basically never not texting. We chat it up on the reg but not like every day or whatever.

One time they said hi to me. OOF, we've never actually exchanged words. Actually, we usually leave together. They make sure to find me before peacing out. They give a wave from across the room. They straight up dipset, no goodbye. My crush doesn't really talk to me. Duh, like, pretty much every time we talk. They seem to think I'm pretty funny. Idk if they were laughing or coughing. Omg, I wish. We're basically twins. From what I know about them, we're pretty compatible.

We like some of the same things but also have some major differences. Idk if there have ever been two more different people. Pretty much every day. I can't tell if it's a compliment or if they're just being nice. No, but I wish they would. They asked me what time it was once, does that count? We hug, like, all the time. They usually touch my arm while we're talking. Does a fist bump count? Only in my dreams. They invite me in person. They ask via text. They throw out the invite to everyone in a group chat. My crush doesn't invite me to hang out.

They text me a lot to update me on their trip. They send me a funny snap now and then. They let me know they arrived safely, and that's all. Radio silence. They're pretty much always one of my first likes. From time to time. Just once, but it might have been on accident. Ugh, I just wish my crush would follow me back. Yes, and we're totally looking for the same thing.

Does your crush like you boys

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Does your crush like you? (for boys)