Divorce at 40 years old

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I am really touched and a little bit saddened by the volumes of response. But just to openly share without judgement. The questions I received ranged from asking about private investigators, to how to get the courage to leave your husband, to asking if it is it bad to stay with your husband if you know he is cheating? But in response to the volumes of inquiry I received, I put together a few topline words of wisdom. This is apparently much needed content. In the meantime, to all the amazing readers who reached out to me, here are my pearls of wisdom.

Take them for what they are worth. I hope they help. One common thread throughout everything I received was the fear of being alone. I get it. I felt it. I was terrified. All I could think about is the age on dating apps: , , Do men ever pick the search filter — over 40? First and foremost — as someone said to me — there are hundreds of millions of people in the world — I guarantee you will find someone who will not only fall in love with you, but that you will fall in love with again.

I promise. Put that insanely irrational fear out of your head. And here is something amazing I learned: The over 40 female dating pool is actually quite fucking desirable. All those fears I had about dating were turned upside down. No kidding. Often they have come out of another marriage where they married too young, married for the wrong reasons, or whatever the case may be. But, now they have grown up. And they are actually looking for someone with life experience. Shocking, I know.

They may have made the mistake of marrying only for looks in their 20s, or marrying because they thought it was time. It was what they were supposed to do. But now they are on round 2 and they have a lot of lessons learned.

And they are looking for someone like you. And — as any smart man will tell you — when you date a woman in their 40s you know what you are getting. The same goes for women dating older vs. You also benefit from your partner already knowing what they want. Women who are 35 and over are often independent and mature, and are a fuckload more fun to be around. Spending my time on me and only me is fucking great. Think about all that energy you expend servicing someone else.

And often if you are in an unhealthy relationship — this amount of energy is massive. Women often carry the burden of a relationship. Even in the age of women empowerment, women do the bulk of the emotional and physical labor of the relationship. They organize the household, they organize the date nights, the vacations, the kids, and if they work — they do that too.

Probably a lifetime of what I could have done had I still been in my old relationship. And yup, I did it all alone. Maybe she was on to something. I was told so many times to think about our history together. I should forgive him and let him come back. Well, the time you have invested in someone is just that — it is history. What matters is now. You literally have a whole other life ahead of you. This one took a really long time for me to realize. Especially in light of an affair. If you are going to have an affair, trade up right?

I mean, if he was sleeping with Gigi Hadid — I fucking get it. Often that is far from the truth. Just look at Jennifer Garner vs. A quite honestly, not much more than that. The biology of infidelity is really interesting. It examines the myth of monogamy and why both sexes cheat. I was introduced to it from a great article on Fatherly. Female animals, on the other hand, are more limited in their reproductive capacities, and the survival of their occasional offspring depends on mating with only the healthiest males.

So males cheat whenever the opportunity presents itself, while females would only cheat as a way of investing in a more eligible mate. How many of you have stress breakdowns or sometimes just want to bang your head against the wall? Talk to your friends, talk to your family, it might help you come to a decision one way or another. That was the first film they did together as a public couple.

The film was a total bomb and bashed by critics. It was painful to sit through. Founder of Charlotte's Book. Skincare, anti-aging, and wellness addict. about me here. For anyone looking in the mirror on a daily basis hey, beautiful , the first s of aging are on the surface: darker undereye circles that seem somehow larger than the last time, a pair of lines between your eyebrows, an odd collection of extra skin and fat at the bottom of your jaw.

. Every once in awhile, a particular ingredient edible or otherwise gets a ton of press and starts appearing in everything from drinks to lotions. Follow Us. From This Author. Get over the fear of being alone. Personal freedom is fucking priceless. More on this in later posts. But I just wanted to throw this crucial piece of advice in there. Shit happens.

Science happens. Life happens. Talk it out. Sounds simple but… How many of you have stress breakdowns or sometimes just want to bang your head against the wall? Facebook Conversations. On The Regular. My Beauty File The sh! Connect With Us.

Divorce at 40 years old

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