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It's also an eroge , though the explicit content is a small part of the overall game and can be disabled if the player so chooses. Hisao Nakai, an ordinary teenager living an ordinary life, has it turned upside down when a congenital heart defect forces him to attend a new school after a long stay in the hospital. Despite his initial feelings of alienation and difficulty fitting in, Hisao comes to befriend his new classmates while pursuing a romantic relationship with one of the five girls he has class with.

Contrary to what that synopsis would suggest, the game is much more thoughtful and mature than it initially lets on. The subject matter is handled very tastefully, with Hisao's newfound friends not only being complex and engaging, but also challenging the stereotypes associated with their disabilities. In broader terms, the game actively deconstructs the more implausible and unsavory cliches associated with the Dating Sim genre. Special care is taken to defy the stock character archetypes that regularly crop in anime, instead portraying Hisao and his friends as flawed, impetuous young people with relatable fears and struggles.

Instead of being shallow escapism, the end result is a well-written coming-of-age drama with self-acceptance as a central theme. The game takes place at the fictional Yamaku High School for disabled teenagers, and all the main characters have some sort of disability, including Long QT Syndrome the hero, Hisao. A demo of the game, titled "Act 1", was released in May , and covers the entire first Act of the final game, before it branches to paths specific to each girl. It proved popular and was eventually translated into eight languages English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and both simplified and traditional Chinese.

The full version also free of charge was finally released January 4th, , on the fifth anniversary of the original 4chan thread that started the game's development. There is also Katawa Shoujo Lite , a Castlevania parody starring Kenji made by this fan , with the rest of the cast minus Hisao serving as the enemies.

Some of the developers have gone on to work on other projects. Weee, the artist for Hanako's character art, did some of the art for the yuri kinetic novel Highway Blossoms. She did some of the CGs including the sexual CGs. It was originally set to be released on February 14th, with the cast being unveiled every two days, but this was been pushed back until all the minor characters of Act 1 were unveiled, meaning that the release date was constantly pushed back.

One notable person involved in it was JesuOtaku , a member of That Guy with the Glasses ; He was voicing Rin, but later said on Twitter in April that the project was dead. But now nine new video clips have been released. Another ongoing fandub from the Let's Dub Project can also be found here. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this.

Get Known if you don't have an . You are you, and everyone has damage. Be the better person. Absurdly Powerful Student Council : Played with. Kenji seems to believe this is the case but in truth, great responsibility doesn't come with great power at Yamaku. The local student council has to perform a superhuman amount of tasks for the school festival, but can't seem to get the rest of the student body to take part of it off their hands. Might be different if the student council wasn't so understaffed. It's revealed in Shizune's route that the Student Council is so small because of her attempts to play this straight.

Before she became President, the Student Council was quite larger, but didn't actually do anything aside from hand out mail and surveys. Shizune attempted to get the Student Council to take on ificantly more responsibility, but ended up driving off everyone but Misha due to her abrasive methods. Also, in Lilly's route it's revealed that Lilly used to be part of the Student Council as well. However, it's implied she left because she didn't agree with Shizune's Machiavellian style of leadership, something that is also referenced and confirmed in Shizune's route.

Jigoro, who has nothing but contempt for the council, believes that Yamaku is not much of a school if three students Hisao included can run the student body, especially considering that Hisao and Misha do not have official positions.

Shizune, on the other hand, seems to consider most of Yamaku to be apathetic. Acceptable Breaks from Reality : Misha's simultaneous communication is very unrealistic, but Shizune's scenes would be a bit tedious if they tried to portray language realistically.

Accidental Kiss : Sort of. In Shizune's route, Hisao and Shizune decide to make a game while carrying Kenji's very large box to the school, which he doesn't get in the mail because he's afraid someone might go through it. Hisao accidentally touches Shizune's hand, which causes her to stumble, meaning she has to carry the box on her own. As noted on the Fridge , Shizune uses language, so her hands are extra sensitive, and in her H-scenes, she has a fascination with hands.

Touching her hands are just as sensitive as kissing her. A paragraph in Rin's neutral ending has a tinge of this: "It's teasing, taunting. Congratulations, you now know what Lilly Satou who is blind feels when Hisao suffers a heart attack during their holiday vacation and their other companion Hanako panics , so she can't tell her what's happening.

And it happens in Lilly 's own route, so it takes place when she is developing feelings for Hisao. It's also heavily implied to be happening in her own ending, as Hisao has another major heart attack just a few meters behind her. Obviously, while she wouldn't notice the initial attack due to being unaware of his presence before it, the commotion caused by it definitely would grab her and Akira's attention, but it would be even more horrifying for someone who can't actually see the cause by commotion by just turning around.

Then imagine the horror when you hear the cause of commotion, a heart attack, which would only be amplified by your own sister confirming that yes, that is Hisao who just had a heart attack behind her. Now, take a few moments to consider what Lilly's state of mind would be like as this unfolds when coupled with the implications of why he would be at the airport in the first place.

An Aesop : People with disabilities are just that - people. Nothing more , nothing less. Similarly, every single person has insecurities - and it's not always what might seem obvious. Each route also has aesops of their own: Emi's route : To love someone is to not be afraid to let people help you. Also, you can be there for someone even while recognizing that they don't need to be "saved" by you.

Rin's route : To love someone is to love them for everything they are, the good and the bad. Also, you don't need to understand everything about someone to love and support them. Hanako's route : To love someone is to trust that they can be strong. Lilly's route : To love someone is to let them completely into your heart. Also, communication is important in a relationship - make sure to be upfront about your emotions and say what's on your mind; and seize the day - don't let any opportunity escape you.

Shizune's route : To love someone is to work to make your relationship work, through good times and bad. Hisao: No. Aren't those poisonous? They eat that stuff? That doesn't mean that we never will. We might, or some of us might, at some point in the future. Kenji : Don't go to the festival. Hisao : Okay. Hisao narration : I start to think that, maybe, this was all an elaborate set-up leading up to this moment. Maybe Shizune lured me out here, banking on the possibility that I'd lose track of time and be forced into [ing the student council].

Hisao : "I feel like two of my friends are fighting because one of them is taking the fact that we might not see each other again after we graduate really hard. Hisao narration She starts pouting, a slight slur beginning to distort her words as the alcohol takes hold again. Hisao: "Well, that was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Last week those two Shizune and Misha were like bloodhounds. Or prison guards. Or maybe prison guards bred from bloodhounds Call-Back : In Emi's route, Misha and Shizune will warn you of the dangers of spending so much time on the roof, referencing the way your manly picnic with Kenji ends in Act 1's bad end.

In the very next scene, you have a chat with Kenji where he mentions how he'd kill someone on the roof by making it look like an accident. Which is about what he does in the manly picnic, except it is actually on accident. In Shizune's route, Hisao turns a corner, bumps into a group of people, and reflects that it was stupid, since it could have been fatal. This is a double whammy Call-Back : in Act 1, Emi runs into Hisao, triggering a heart flutter, and at the end of Lilly's route, Hisao running into someone does cause a heart attack severe enough to end up in hospital. A moment of irony in Shizune's Bad Ending : the plush cat Hisao won for her at the festival is visible as Hisao walks away, lamenting that he wasn't able to help her.

In Rin's Act 1 ending, she wonders what to call a group of butterflies. In her good ending, she finds the word, a "swarm. In Hanako's route, Lilly buys her an expensive doll for her birthday. In Lilly's route, Hisao buys Hanako a cheaper doll from the same shelf in the same store, noting that he can't possibly afford any of the others.

At the end of Lilly's route, Hisao promises to take her to the next Tanabata festival, in reference to a promise made at the end of Act 1, which he was unable to keep when he was hospitalized. It's lampshaded in the following exchange. Lilly : You Shizune makes an X with her arms. That either means "denied" or that she's about to use her special attack. Kenji: I don't even need glasses to see. They're for effect.

Disabled girl dating sim

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