Dermott arkansas crawfish festival 2016

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The land now called Arkansas has been inhabited for many generations, and a good of ways to study and examine the past help to cast light on life in Arkansas then and now. One of the newest subjects to be studied is foodways: what did people eat, how did they obtain it, how did they prepare it, and how did they preserve it?

Contemporary Arkansas festivals feature some of the most interesting foodway traditions in the modern world. Corn maize , beans, and squash were the primary foods of the earliest dwellers of Arkansas, although they occasionally added meat to their diet. The first European explorers to enter Arkansas were led by Hernando de Soto, who crossed the Mississippi River into Arkansas in and died in Arkansas the following year. These French explorers were responsible for the name of the state of Arkansas. The first permanent European settlement in the region was Arkansas Post, located near the Arkansas River not far from its confluence with the Mississippi.

Arkansas is included in the land acquired by the United States by the Louisiana Purchase of , and American settlers began to the Quapaw, Caddo, Osage, French, and Spanish families who already lived on the land. While some settlers established large cotton plantations in the flatlands of southern and eastern Arkansas, others took to the hills where they lived off the land as best they could.

This is called subsistence farming. They planted various crops and raised chickens and hogs, but they also gathered berries and fruits from the forests and hunted deer, bear, and anything else that moved and might be edible. The hillbilly image of the Ozark Arkansan is largely shaped by stories many highly exaggerated told by travelers who met these hardy pioneers. Even as Arkansas developed as a territory and then a state, memories remained of the early foods eaten by Arkansas settlers. However, during World War II, when much of the male population was out of state serving in the armed forces, remaining citizens re-established Prohibition, forbidding the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

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Dermott arkansas crawfish festival 2016

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