Dependable cleaners wollaston

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Excellent visit. I was greeted kindly when I dropped off my cleaning. I was told about the rewards program, and how my trips to the Dependable can be even more convenient for me by utilizing this service. I very much appreciated the helpful information. I returned to pick up my cleaning and was greeted once again with a smiling face and a warm greeting. I was very pleased with the employees and the quality of my cleaning. Have always had great service. There was one occasion that was a rush tailoring job, and they were able to help me within 48 hours. I just got back my favorite work blazer, good as new!

Wholeheartedly recommend. I always have a really good experience with you. Quick and effective. I like the 24hour mailbox where I can drop my clothes. And the automatic payment so I can pick up my clothes in just a few minutes. Dependable Cleaners Wollaston. Place Overview 2.

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Dependable cleaners wollaston

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