Dating the talk

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Your mind is suddenly occupied with nothing but him, it seems. It almost seems too good to be true that he seems just as into you as you are into him. So, after weeks or even months of this, it would make sense that you would just assume neither one of you is seeing anyone else or would even say yes to a date with anyone else. You definitely have, in your mind, staved off all others and emotionally committed yourself to only dating this man. This is truly one of the most stressful and confusing parts of the early months of dating for most women. The confusion…is real.

What the two of you have is so great. You try to even imagine where either one of you would fit in time to talk to anyone else in between all of the other things you have going on besides each other. You honestly just assume it. In fact, after about 2 weeks of dating him, you completely took down all of your dating profiles and emotionally devoted yourself to him.

Only you never told him that. You figured he just knew because of the way you have been together. After even more time together, you figured your assumption was right, but there is still a lingering question in your mind as you realize he never has called you his girlfriend or introduced you as such.

You even start to wonder how you would introduce him to people at your next social event. So, you think about if it is time to just ask him where your relationship is. It is almost like you asked him to go skinny dipping in degree weather in the dead of winter. What about? I got asked out and I realized we never even talked about if we both stopped dating other people.

I thought we were just having fun and a commitment is just something that takes a lot longer for me to make with anyone. You have every right to want to be in an exclusive relationship where you are only dating, having sex with or communicating with one man—or not. There is a difference between imposing your needs, desires and wants on someone else way too soon say in the first couple of weeks before you actually know one another and then getting mad at them for not meeting them.

But, honestly, if it has been months and the two of you have been regularly having sex and spending time together, it makes sense that you would want to know if the two of you are only dating one another. And, certainly, if nothing else, for health reasons alone, you have every right to know if he is or wants to date other people. You have every right to protect your heart and your body. The reason this can be extremely confusing is because actions speak louder than words. Nor can those words take away from the passion, chemistry and emotions you feel for the other person.

If this happens, you really are left in a bind. You were really so happy with everything. So, do you leave that now that you found out he might not be ready to only be with you? Do you hope that he goes out with other women and realizes that nobody compares to you and it will be worth continuing to stay with him? There really are so many things to consider.

And, it really comes down to who you are and what you can handle. It is a necessary foundation for a healthy relationship and you have every right to ask for it. In the dating realm, commitment refers to a relationship where the two of you are only dating and having sex with each other. If there is no commitment, the foundation of a relationship is shaky, at best. Women, in particular, need to feel safe and secure in relationships.

This can wreak havoc on any relationship. You might spend your time stalking his social media, even calling his phone with a blocked to see if he answers. The main thing is that it IS important to always communicate openly and never assume anything with anyone. Knowing is better than being in the dark and possibly being blindsided and getting hurt.

It is ALWAYS ok to be true to yourself and want to be in a mutually loving, healthy relationship where you both get your needs met. Frankie Bashan is a renowned relationship coach and dating expert. She is a d clinical psychologist with over a decade of experience working with couples and individuals, with specialized training in the field of trauma.

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Dating the talk

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