Dating 70s strats

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Discussion in ' Stratocaster Discussion Forum ' started by andyh , Feb 18, Fender Stratocaster Guitar Forum. Tags: body dating identifying strat year. Age: 26 Messages: 4. Hi all, I am wondering if anyone out there could help date this strat body. I bought it as a bare body five or six years ago, other things got in the way and I never finished the project.

But now lockdown has me itching to start a new project. So here we are. Im pretty sure it's early 70's era, the old ebay listing did say however it's on an old that I don't have access to anymore and eBay history doesn't go back that far.

I would love to pair it with a year neck of the same year, to give it a bit more authenticity to me anyway. Thanks for you help Andy. Jerseystratfiend and 3bolt79 like this. Messages: 11, Not sure of the year but to the holes in the neck pocket go all the way through? Messages: Welcome Andyh, my first guess would be late 70s you might be able to Fender and give the inspectors stamps to them and they might be able to let you know more. There really is no correlation to production date other than the markings you already have. I guess that is a 5 for an inspector .

Try and look for those names on other 70s bodies or maybe you will get lucky and someone on here might have a match. Also weight might help they seemed to get heavier in the late 70s. Messages: 3, Age: 61 Messages: Take the pickguard off. There are differences. For instance, in the models they add a small grounding route. And shielding paint.

Also, show the back of the pickguard that has changes as well. Reno , Feb 18, Cheers for the quick reply, nice to find an active forum. I've attached more photos and will get some more sent with the pickgaurd removed, as it's currently in storage at my parents place. Age: 16 Messages: Ave , Feb 18, That tummy cut is pretty deep for a LATE '70's. The contours were pretty shallow back then. When we see the routing, that will clear things up. LordOfPudding , Feb 18, Roca81 likes this.

Messages: 8, Control cavity with the pickguard off? The routing pattern changed a couple of times during the 70s. That is not the original trem cavity cover plate, but I'm assuming you know that, because the 70s pickguard had a sticker with the serial on them. CB , Feb 18, Jerseystratfiend and vid like this. Age: 41 Messages: 13, This is what my looks like.

Note the absence of the worm route in mine. Cerb , Feb 19, Jerseystratfiend likes this. Not sure when the worm route was eliminated, but by '79 they had a "notch" routed next to the bridge pickup cavity for the body ground lug.

So safe to say it's '76 or older. However, it also lacks the "Mickey Mouse" neck pocket routing. Last edited: Feb 19, CB , Feb 19, Cerb likes this. Those pickup routes are off. Either someone has gone in there and modified them of its not a Fender body. Compare shape of bottom of pickup route to the top - totally different squarer at bottom.

Also look at the routes for the wiring between pickups - again something not right there. I think those routes just must have been modified. Rest of the body look right for a 70s Fender for sure. MartinC , Feb 19, Cerb , andyh and Jerseystratfiend like this.

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Dating 70s strats

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