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Thank you, Nikos — and thank you, most importantly, for organising this event and keeping gender equality high on the political agenda in Cyprus. As a woman and as a politician, I — like you - believe it is essential that women have an equal voice in society, and that that voice is heard.

The great predisposition of women to diplomacy is not something new. Almost two and a half thousand years later, the role of women in democracy and peacekeeping is increasingly seen as indispensable. This may sound almost as a truism in the western world, and it is not something we need evidence to prove. I could not agree more. It ensures their views are heard, and their perspective is ed for. One of her defining moments was in March when three soldiers were convicted at an international war crimes tribunal of rape and sexual enslavement.

Women clearly play an essential role in maintaining stable and secure democracies. However, despite this, they are still ificantly underrepresented in political life. Women for only a quarter of all national parliamentarians and a fifth of government ministers worldwide. In 15 years, its overall score has improved by only 5 points — to reach 67 out of possible The index for political power is particularly worrying — it averaged 55 for the EU, but with some very wide variations.

Parties need to ensure female candidates have equal access to campaign funding — but women also need to invest in, and be supported in building networks and connections. Governments, and parliaments, should put in place the measures and structures that allow the sometimes antisocial hours of political careers to exist alongside family life.

Family obligations have to be shared so that women are not only able to work, but also able to participate in policymaking, from younger ages. During the Democratic primaries in the United States, Hillary Clinton received almost twice as many abusive tweets as Bernie Sanders. Equality is a founding principle of the EU and an integral part of our Charter of Fundamental Rights. Today, I am proud to be part of the first team of European Commissioners led by a woman, in the most gender balanced Commission College we have ever had: 12 women and 15 men.

For the first time, there is stand-alone portfolio on equality —led by my colleague, Helena Dalli. This will address a of critical issues that currently undermine equality, opportunity, and potential in society and particularly impact on women -including work- life balance, pay transparency and the gender pay gap, violence against women and gender balance in decision making. In the area of health — which is my responsibility — we are committed to gender equality and anti-discrimination in all our actions and policies.

The participation of women and men in clinical trials is followed by the European Medicines Agency and the Commission to ensure adequate participation of men and women. This is essential to ensure their different physiological needs — and the different ways they respond to drugs and therapies - are ed for.

But I acknowledge how different my life could have been without the networks I have had in place. But many women in the world are not so fortunate — and it is for these women that we must speak up and act. Gender equality is possible where there is political will and a clear political vision to progress. Women have been calling for more gender equality for over a century. To achieve the best for society, we need the best people in office. And often the best man for the job is a woman. We need every person to play to their strengths, and be able to do so, regardless of their gender.

We need to attract politicians and diplomats from all walks of life to ensure all voices are represented. By getting more women in politics, and ensuring all of society is represented in all levels of decision-making, we will move faster towards equality, inclusive development and peace. Speech 21 February This is a fundamental democratic right. I want to focus my speech on three themes.

First, why society needs women in politics and diplomacy. Second, how we enable it. And third, what the EU is doing to support this process. But examples abound everywhere around us. Sweden scored But closer to home, Cyprus has a long way to go as it is still very low in these rankings. Men, historically, have had the political muscle behind them in ways that women have not. And finally, there is the media — and in particular, online abuse. There is a clear need to make politics, and the media that surrounds it, more female-friendly. Gender mainstreaming is also being reinforced across other EU policies.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been lucky. I have never felt limited in what I can do because I am a woman. I am the daughter of a generation in which a woman's place was primarily in the home. Luckily for me, I had supportive parents, and a supportive husband. Thank you. Share this :.

Cyprus lonely wives

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