Cornelius OR wife swapping

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New York Yankees Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich held separate press conferences during the spring training season announcing they had traded wives. Actually they had swapped entire families, including dogs. The story quickly gained attention. Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich had very different careers with the Yankees but took a liking to each other anyway.

Peterson was well-known and thought highly of in the baseball community. He was an All star in and had finished the season with 17 wins. Both men and their families lived close to each other in New Jersey and had frequently gotten their families together since the season when Kekich had ed the team. At some point during the summer the arrangement was called off for a week. After deciding the children should stay with their mothers and in their own homes, Paterson moved in with Susanne Kekich and her two young daughters while Kekich constructed a new life with Marilyn Peterson and her two sons.

We tried something with a common understanding. The two ultimately chose to make the announcement for a few reasons. Since the swap had been going on for quite some time, many people had become aware of the situation and the families thought it was best to clear the air. Both men asked MacPhail not to be traded in order to keep both families close together. MacPhail made a joke about potentially having to cancel family day that year but otherwise seemed unfazed. Houk backed up his players choices in press confrences telling reporters:.

Some people say you have to stay together for the sake of the kids. Neither pitcher made the move expecting an unhappy ending but these types of things never work out for everyone. After they moved in together in December, the new couple realized they might have made a mistake and continued an on-again off-again relationship for some time.

By American standards, Susanne and I had a good marriage. But I wanted a great marriage. Fritz and Susanne on the other hand are still together to this day. By both pitchers were finished with baseball and with their friendship. He refused to cooperate with the film and even threatened to sue the production. In the end, Kekich got the short end of the stick. Eventually he moved himself to New Mexico trying his hardest to avoid all conversation and memory of his wife swap scandal of Yankees News and Rumors.

How it ends Neither pitcher made the move expecting an unhappy ending but these types of things never work out for everyone. See also. The Yankees are broken from top to bottom. See all . Remember Me. In. Enter username or .

Cornelius OR wife swapping

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