Cocaine crack short term effects

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Crack cocaine known as crack is one of the most dangerous illegal drugs, which is highly addictive. From the first time someone takes it, there is potential for addiction to develop. The side effects of crack cocaine can lead to serious mental health challenges and physical problems.

Crack cocaine can completely take over the lives of users. It creates intense cravings, which is how the psychological addiction starts. Crack cocaine is a less pure, crystal form of cocaine, which is smoked rather than snorted. It is made by dissolving powder cocaine in water and sodium bicarbonate.

This mixture is then boiled and dried, leaving a solid compound that is crushed into small chunks. Users heat the small chunks until they liquify, then, once it produces vapours, inhale them through a pipe. It is named after the cracking sound that occurs as the chunks are heated. It usually lasts up to around ten minutes. This is followed by a depression, known as a comedown, which is deeper than it was before the drug was taken. Users of crack cocaine also suffer oral problems.

The pipe through which they inhale is short and gets very hot, which le to burning of the lips. Their teeth are also exposed to the smoke, which can cause the enamel to become extreme decayed. As with most drugs, there are serious social consequences associated with crack cocaine. Crime syndicates that produce and distribute the drug create an atmosphere of fear and pose a threat to society, as do crack cocaine users themselves. Studies have shown that crack cocaine use le to violence and crime, as users feel all-powerful and uninhibited.

Their dependence on the drug can lead to them going to great lengths to acquire money to buy it. This destructive behaviour often has a highly traumatic outcome for family and friends. Expectant mothers who use the drug are taking hugely harmful risks, due to the effects of crack cocaine on their unborn babies. There is the likelihood of premature birth, the baby being born with defects or drug addiction, as well as possible brain damage. It affects users, and those around them, in endless destructive ways.

Professional help is essential for recovery from crack cocaine addiction, because it is extremely difficult to quit without support. You can visit your GP to talk through your concerns and worries, and they may refer you for expert treatment at Life Works. You can also contact Life Works directly to discuss your needs and options for treatment. Effects of Crack Cocaine. The effects of crack cocaine. Additional Information. Home Blog The effects of crack cocaine. Contact Life Works Today. . Call our Enquiry Line Free Addiction Assessment. Cocaine Rehabilitation.

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Cocaine crack short term effects

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