Christmas symbol meanings

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Christmas Day, an important holidays, usually celebrated on 25 th of December every year. There are many Christmas symbols associated with this special celebration. Some of the popular Christmas symbols and their meanings are listed below. The star is one of the most popular symbols associated with the Christmas season. It is said that the night Jesus was born; a very bright star appeared in the sky. It was that star that served as a guide to the three wise men in their search for Jesus.

The same night, a group shepherds were staying on the fields when the star shone. They were very frightened, but God sent an angel to tell them not to be afraid because the star will only bring joy and goodness. The shepherds eventually left their flocks in the fields and followed the star which led them to the manger where Jesus was born.

After it led the shepherds and the wise men to the presence of Jesus Christ, the star rested in place and watched over them until dawn, when it went away to tell the other stars about the story of Christmas day. Now, the star is used during Christmas, as a symbol of joy, goodness and hope. Another Christmas symbol used all over the world is the stocking.

During Christmas, stockings are usually hung by children for Santa Claus to fill with toys, candies, fruits, and coins. Originally, the stockings were hung in fireplaces but since modern do not have fireplaces, children now hang their stockings in any part of the house. The mistletoe is considered a sacred and magical plant by ancient civilizations. Mistletoes are believed to have healing powers and were used by ancient people for medicinal purposes, protection against poison and aphrodisiac.

Centuries before the birth of Christ, mistletoes were used by the Druids to celebrate the arrival of winter. The Christmas practice of hanging mistletoes in houses is a remnant of this Druid and other ancient traditions. The use of holly as a Christmas decoration was first introduced by the Church to replace the mistletoe. There was already an ongoing practice of hanging evergreens as a symbol for eternal life and the triumph of spring over winter.

Hence, it was encouraged that holly be used as a substitute for the mistletoe. Another beautiful Christmas symbol is the Poinsettia. People usually use this symbol as Christmas decorations. There are many Christmas crafts in which you can create your own poinsettia ornament. It is believed to draw its roots from a Mexican legend. It is said that inMexico, two children Maria and his brother Pablo loved going to a manger scene set up by the village church every year. They wanted to leave gifts but they were too poor. One Christmas day, they picked some leaves by the road on their way to church and offered them to the manger scene.

They were ridiculed for their gifts, but as they began placing the leaves around the manger, they magically transformed into red beautiful star-shaped flowers as we see them today. Christmas tree is one of the most popular Christmas symbols. Most people usually set up their own Christmas tree a month or weeks before the Christmas day. In 17 th Century, people inGermany started making indoor Christmas tree decorated with different ornaments and candles. Christmas Star The star is one of the most popular symbols associated with the Christmas season.

History of Christmas Star It is said that the night Jesus was born; a very bright star appeared in the sky. Planning a Christmas Party. Next Christmas Party Game Ideas. Share On Facebook.

Christmas symbol meanings

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