Christmas abbott feet

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Early this morning on the Live Feeds as the Fish took over the cameras for the daily wake up call to Houseguests there was a sudden emergency. Feeds cut back to Christmas Abbott laying on the ground in the backyard calling for help claiming she had broken her foot.

Jason Dent is quickly by her side offering a hand which she turns away. Jason offers to carry her inside, but Christmas again declines. Tell em. Christmas continued to stay on the ground as Jason rushed back inside. Christmas kept her face covered and continued to ask for help along with a few curses in there as she was no doubt in a good bit of pain. There was no of Christmas and no discussion of the situation. We will continue to monitor the Live Feeds and see what happens. Update : After Feeds returned we got more details, though all secondhand. Well that definitely sounds bad, but still waiting on official details.

Update 2 : Jason shared more details which explains why he was out there alone with her. I was running around and I slipped on the grass. This will greatly impact her ability to compete and will probably have to just sit out of physical comps if put in the position to play anything. Update 4 : Christmas left earlier today Wednesday for her MRI test to see if she could be cleared to stay in the game. A doctor will have to clear her before comps. Lol everyone is just getting injured and may have to leave. Thats what production gets for doing that nonsense with Paul.

If she goes I guess they will just bring back Cameron and whoever else gets voted out this week since they would be down 2 people. Josh comes to mind as an example. I am confused. You said you hate Paul but then you said you are a fan of Pauls. No disrespect, just confused as all. No I said that I hate they brought someone back, in this case Paul.

I am never a fan of people returning unless its All Stars. Otherwise, I like Paul a whole lot and think he should have won last year. He is one of my all time favorites actually. I hope for them that Cameron is in sequester. That way that can bring back someone any way they want. From what I understand his SM s have been pretty much inactive even after his eviction.

I felt super bad for him! Notice my picture is up right now? Well, crap! After all of that campaigning she did yesterday! On twitter.. I really think they should bring Cameron back in. I am sure Jason, Jessica Rabbit and Cody are happy with this.. Jessica and Jason and Cody wanted her gone. On which twitter handle? They had a really interesting chat on the feeds last night couple hours after the Christmas nomination. Pretty much Christmas told Paul straight up she liked and respected him and wanted to work with him, and that when they go on she would be with him regardless of what alliances they formed.

Paul pretty much said such a commitment is only solidified through actions in the game, but said that next week and going on they could really reign hell in the house. Hope it is not that serious. I am liking her. As reported here, if the bone is sticking out, she need surgery for sure. I doubt she can be gone more than 24 hours and still come back.

If they have a handler with her that make sure she not talking about the game with anybody, I guess she could come back. A sprain is over-stretching or tearing of ligaments. A strain is over-stretching or tearing of muscles. Unless the ligaments are almost or totally transected, no one gets surgery for a sprain. And if the bone was exposed because of a compound fracture, that is general anesthesia all the way. No local there. She would also require initial IV Abx, and her game would be over. What she has is a severe sprain. If there is a fracture, it would be a hairline fracture, and the treatment would be exactly what she is already doing.

Besides, Christmas has a lot of spirit. His nominees are eliminating themselves. I do hope Christmas comes back. She will go after Cody. These people are so boring. If she come back with a cast, her chance of going out Thursday are increasing.

Or maybe not, she would good at all in comp. Show a good and complete HoH comp. But lots of comp are not physical, like HoH comp are often just questions. So can you imagine her as HoH, upstair, been waited on all the time. That would be funny.

Jillian is so happy that Christmas got hurt and may not come back. I hope they tell Cody to put someone else on the block. None of them deserve it. Just cancel the season, and give to money to Megan. Is she playing the game or just floating? Dom is in a good spot within the house. Well liked and trusted by most everyone.

She looks to be a solid player and could be a contender late in the game. It is nice to see them have to scramble for a change. No one could have anticipated these HG dropping like flies. Christmas is not in the Diary room because they keep calling the HGs to go in. Cody will soon come with an announcement like he did when Megan left. Absolutely agree. Wow on the block to second chance with all new house guests? Im not insinuating anything. Just wondering if anyone else is wondering. Everytime Cody is HoH, his nominees will just evict themselves like Megan did and now Christmas will try to get away from him.

Cody and Jessica should go up. Giving her fake surgery, followed by a fake cast. She looked like she was in pain. I believe that she got hurt, but they are so dramatic and making us wait intentionally. It is a TV show. Cody wants her gone. He helped carry her to the DR and is the one who mentioned the bone was sticking out.

I doubt she is faking. It was Jason that was there, not Cody. He offered to carry her and she said not to. Medical arrived to assist her and told Jason to go back inside. MRI was going to look for hairline fractures. Fake butt b. It was really the side near the bottom. I saw her foot starting to swell and glad she knew to elevate it immediately. Making her think the injury was more catastrophic than it really was. This Thursday night for the CBS show they could bring Christmas in a wheelchair for the live vote, have Christmas get voted out, and then wheel her back out to speak with Julie!

No need for another replacement nominee from Cody. The girl was raped, and bullied, and falsely accused of being a racist. Leave Megan alone!

Christmas abbott feet

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