Christian dating seminars

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We, at Fit for Family, believe that relationships are crucial in your Christian walk. God created the wonderful institution of marriage and it needs to be nurtured and cultivated to continue growing. Marriage is a beautiful reflection of God and the Church.

Our courses, products and the C-partnership test are all aimed at helping you to be sure about the person you are going to marry and equip you for your marriage and family life. We are also passionate about the youth and guiding them in their Christian relationships.

Lastly, we also believe that single people are ificant. It is sometimes not easy being a single person when everyone around you is married or dating and it is difficult to meet other Christians in our busy lives We offer a few events for Christian singles that enable them to meet others. These events are deed to allow singles to mingle and get to know one another better in a relaxed setting. A great variety products. I am particularly fond of the finance manual which helps you with small and large budget choices. It also made me aware of my choices now and how they effect the future.

I would definitely recommend their resources. These courses are well put together and offer useful advice and tips for marriage. The family life course for school students is a great instrument to prepare young people for this topic. The C-partnershiptest and the fitforfamily manual are very helpful instruments for young couples.

Christian has developed some amazing, solid and practical resources, courses and manuals for your use to help you grow your relationships for life. There is hope and help for you right here. Uniques test, that help us to assess and confront us with our relationship. It was so effective than bringing us to a started point before a conversation and it really help me making a decision where to committed to her life. Every couple have to invest in the c-partnershiptest. Because it help me to make the right decison and its an instrument of selfreflexion.

Get to know yourself and your partner. To experience a close unity and oneness with others and so that we could create a family. Once we enter a relationship, it is important to lay a good foundation for a godly partnership, marriage and parenthood. For this, we need wisdom and knowledge. Our focus is also on educating and informing young adults and youth of what to expect when they reach these stages of life.

It is clear that Fit for Family has a heart to see families flourish in the plan that God has for them. In our efforts to see the family unit become a strong foundation in a crumbling society, we now offer Christian products for families with children. Browse our unique merchandise, such as our Family Goal Poster that will help you in reaching your family goals and our Christian Finance Course for Families that will set you on a path to financial success!

Our different courses, products and manuals will assist you from the beginning of your friendship to a solid Christ-centred family foundation. The Christian Partnership Test is guaranteed to lay a good foundation for your relationship and help you in making the right decision about marriage. What does the Bible and society say about marriage, family and relationships?

Our courses and products aim to guide you through your relationships based on Christian values and principles. Take a sneak-peek at the great de and content of our manuals and courses. They are sure to make you come back for moreā€¦. My Cart. My . Browse Now. Christian Marriage Preparation for Schools and Churches. Welcome to Fit for Family! Our Single Event Box for churches offers almost everything to organize such Events by them self. To find out more about where and how this money is spent, please visit the Change Through Education website: www. Roxanne Sayer - Graphic Deer. John V.

Great questions! God gave us the great institution of marriage. View our products. Fit For Family is a unique offer of Bible-based courses. View the products. With a dedicated focus on healthy Christian Relationships. Christian Marriage Blogs Winners. Take the test! Browse the courses. Preview each course. . Phone: Address: Herminenstr.

Christian dating seminars

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