Can you eat porcupine raw

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Please use the same username and password for all areas. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? What can you do with a porcupine? Posts Latest Activity Photos. of 3. Filtered by:. 1 2 3 template Next. I know you can hunt porcupine year round with no bag limits, and I saw a couple recently. Just wondering, what would you do with one? Tags: None. Cook em and eat em, especially the young ones. We ate lots when I was growing up. Sweet meet and fat. If you know anyone who is into basket weaving or black powder rendezvous, the quills are sesirable for decoration and native crafts.

Comment Post Cancel. I haven't had anybody take me up on this yet. I guess folks figure that I'm not the greatest cook. My uncle killed one took more 22 shots than you would expect. It made a pretty good stew. I would recommend leather gloves for the cleaning though, I had a set of work gloves with me and they worked like a champ. Survival tip Porkies are the only wild meat you can safely eat raw.

Or so I'm told. My wife uses the quills for crafts. Porcupine meat is good but a bit gamy Fyi, you don't have to kill a porky to get quills; lots of folks that want quills use a towel or cloth and basically hit the porky with it a few times then pull the quills from the towel. Mark Richards www. Haven't found much that doesn't work for. Quills make great crafts, as mentioned. I have a in my office that says, "Don't pet the porcupine". Daniel in Ak. Or do like I did and bleach the skull cause my son wnated one I sure do miss my friend that skinned that porcupine for me tho. The claws look like minature bear claw.

Good for jewelry. You don't have to kill them, but you can collect their quills. Just grab a thick towel, and fold it a couple of times. Then pat the quills with the towel a few times, and soon enough it will be fool of quills. Lots of people in Alaska cut the quills with a razor blade to make bids, which in turn can be used to making necklaces and all sorts of things.

By not killing them you can come back and steal some more quills once they grow back. Just place on someone's chair that last pulled a prank on you. Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment. In the old days they used to feed them to the dogs or turn them inside out for predator bait. Smitty of the North. You're not supposed to kill them. Save them so if you get lost in the wilderness, you can kill one with a stick for something to eat.

That's what they usta say in the old days. Walk Slow, and Drink a Lotta Water. Has it ever occurred to you, that Nothing ever occurs to God? Adrien Rodgers. You can't out-give God. Footer ense. Yes No. OK Cancel.

Can you eat porcupine raw

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