Campervan hook up france

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Forum Across the Water What electric hook-up for France? Betty Swollocks. Sorry for the non technical terms, but my hook up lead is the normal orange lead with the builders type large 3 pin type round plug on the end. Used it already at several sites in Ireland, North and South. I bought an adapter to convert it to the normal household 3 pin plug for charging at home. I'm off to France and have booked into 2 campsites next month. Or do I need to purchase a 2 pin domestic Euro conversion plug?

Most of them have the standard v 16a style blue plug, there were a couple that required a euro Shuko style connector. I would think it better to use a standalone adaptor like you have already but with a Shuko plug instead of an adaptor, some of them aren't very watertight and could be sketchy on a damp day.

You could make up an adaptor very easily with the one you have already just buy a suitable plug over there and wire it up yourself. All supermarkets sell plugs but look for a water resistant one. Gender: Location: Europe Age: 56 Home: clunegapyears.

Agree with above But I would buy one as not expensive. As you are on campsites on,y, why not them and ask? Gender: Location: West Co. Or this one, much cheaper. This is the first time we've encountered this in France , the wife had the travel adapter by chance for drying her hair in the showers. I wouldn't use an adaptor the best way to go is a lead like in the above Post's or one with a longer lead about 3mtr, caravan parks tend to have a power point in each bay and it would be long enough, Airs tend to have one multi outlet pillar to supply several pitches so you need a much longer lead.

We took a 16a blue socket with us the first time going to France and bought a electric kittle lead in one of the supermarkets and cut off the kittle side and fitted the blue socket instead. Probably unacceptable now with current wiring regulations. We only used it a couple times. I have two continental adaptors that connect safely to my EHU lead. One I modified in case of reversed polarity. Worth getting a polarity tester as well as I have been on several campsites and encountered reversed polarity. Quote by the fat controller. Only thing most are three pin plugs hard to turn around and plug in.

Might need a lump hammer. A friend's Dad who's been doing France for the past 35 years loaned me two French plugs, one of which is reversed polarity. I accepted it but am of the opinion that it's no longer needed. Apparently it's all up to our standard now and no need for anything other than the usual 3 pin blue plug I'm told. Gender: Location: Kincardineshire.

My understanding is that it's not dodgy electricians, but differences in switching protocol in that Europeans still switch both live and neutral feeds. They have Euro style service points. I hadn't any choice but to use it. Gender: Location: Portglenone. Quote by Betty Swollocks.

Arrived in campsite two Same connection as UK. I've got the French connection but doubt that I will need it. Looks like the answer to my question is French campsites use the same 3 pin blue plugs as us. The blue connection is a euro connection but some sites need a local 3 pin connection just like our house plug but the French version of it which can be bought localy in France just change your house 3,pin for their s.

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Campervan hook up france

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What electric hook-up for France?