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Summary: Sexual Supremacy is an excellent course for every guy who wants to increase his hookup and make women sexually submit to him. This system is focused on activating the emotional triggers that will leave a girl wet and craving to go home with you. So read carefully and make the most out of it. More and more women are going online searching for easy sex, and you can meet more girls than ever at clubs, bars and parties. Furthermore, the idea of casual sex has sunken deep into the mind of most women. When interviewed, a vast majority of women admit that they might get hornier than men in search of sexual pleasure.

This means there is a massive of girls walking down the street daily and searching for a possible friend with benefits. As men, what more can we wish for? And here comes the sad part of this story. And especially with social media creating this twisted view of putting women on pedestals while men are presented as dogs that need to bow, getting constantly rejected and having that followed by stress and anxiety are problems pretty much all guys have to face. This is where Sexual Supremacy comes in place. In fact, this is not only possible but is also doable.

And this guide provides the missing piece to why some men can get girls wet in a matter of minutes while others struggle for most of their lives without any s of success. Brian Burke is the name that stands behind the Sexual Supremacy system. He is a dating expert who specializes in sexual stimulation and seduction. He goes a bit deeper into what is it that attracts men to women. He also gives good reasoning behind the methods and why they work so effectively. Brian knows that girls have specific triggers that provoke sexual arousal.

In his teaching, he shows men how to effectively maneuver and successfully use these switches to turn girls on and make them horny. In Sexual Supremacy, Brian shares the techniques that have helped him and the men he has worked with establish full sexual dominance over women. He knows it is possible, he knows it is doable.

Thus, he encourages you to follow his system because it is proven to work and get you more girls than ever before. You are probably watching TV on a daily basis. Someone in your surroundings, be it a relative, a teacher, or a close friend, has told you at a specific time that most of what you absorb as information from social media is garbage, right? You might have simply agreed, shaken your head in a of approval and continued watching the same stream of information.

And, for one reason or another, now you believe in most of the false claims you have gathered and upon which you have created your view. This is especially true for the dating world, for the way women think, and most importantly, the truth behind sex. It is normal to see all the with filthy rich guys flashing Rolexes, Lamborghinis, yachts. And, of course, there are also all these gorgeous beauties these same guys are surrounded with. It seems like girls naturally gravitate to them. And after that, once you go to Facebook, you will find similar cases.

And yes, the items mentioned above might help you in specific scenarios, but you can easily succeed without them. This is one powerful cocept in Sexual Supremacy. Brian states that guys falsely focus on working super hard to make more money, using pickup lines, trying to play mind games, or merely getting buff.

Men have been led to believe that all these factors make the difference to women. In fact, if you take a closer look around you, you will find this exact same scenario occurring daily. What Brian teaches is that the problem lies deeper into the subconscious mind of women.

And once you know how to trigger them effectively, your success is guaranteed. So far, we have made it clear that it is not physical attributes that make or break your game. In terms of intellectual capacity, we have advanced at a rapid pace. And even before we were able to speak and verbally communicate with one another, people still had sex and were reproducing. How else will you be reading this review? Brian shows that the last part of the human brain to develop is the neo-cortex, aka the part that handles language and communication.

On the other hand, the oldest part of the brain is amygdala, aka the part that deals with emotions. This is what I mean under you should focus on the inside rather than the outside. Because it is emotions that determine and dictate what is going to happen between you and the girl. Moreover, we all have a switch. Men, for instance, have a strong sense of physical attributes.

It is just a matter of seconds after looking at the breasts or butt of a hot girl walking buy before you get hard, right? Well, women also have triggers. And yes, they can get aroused to a certain extent from physical provocation just like men, but more often than not, this isn't enough to really get her in the mood.

The missing link here is emotions. Women give more value to emotions than men. Girls need to feel that emotional attachment, that specific connection that can release their brakes and make them wet. Brian knows these facts well. This is why the whole Sexual Supremacy system is built on the three specific emotional triggers you need to activate to succeed.

Brian explains that when you see guys far below your level pick up women, they simply manage to activate all three triggers simultaneously. And just like we get hard and think only about sex, women feel the same, if not even stronger cravings for sexual romance. Moreover, this is the way to addict a girl to you. These are subconscious thoughts that go throughout her entire body. In fact, the lady might not even realize what is happening to her since the only thing she will be thinking about is going to bed with you. This is the real beauty behind Sexual Supremacy and can show you how powerful and effective this concept can be.

The entire Sexual Supremacy system is divided into different parts that will help you provoke the triggers and establish dominance in the current scenario you are in. Therefore, the program consists of:. If you want to hunt with the big dogs, you need to show dominance. This is especially true if other guys are hitting on your girl. In this case, you need to stand out from the crowd and lead the rest. Using the Alpha Male Hack, you will learn how to dominate in different scenarios and have it your way effectively.

In fact, you will earn the respect of others, including guys who are jealous of your success. And did I mention that women are naturally attracted to men who dominate and have genuine respect for? When connecting to a beautiful girl, most guys will chase. Therefore, they stand high chances of being viewed as pushy, needy and creepy. This is where the Chase Bait comes handy. With this, you are turning the tide. Instead of you chasing, you will have her going after your validations! The Exit Plan is your guide to exit the dating phase and move to the next step. This is what you will use if you want to make her crave sexual ecstasy and leave her wanting to go to your place.

This guide gives more insight into what to do, depending on what you are planning for. Are you looking for a serious relationship, a girlfriend, or a friend with benefits? In each scenario, you will use a different approach and tactic. For instance, you won't be able to get into a serious relationship with a girl looking for a one-night stand. Contrary, you won't get a friend with benefits from a girl searching for a real relationship. You will be able to quickly and conclusively decide what type of girl you are trying to connect to and what to do to have it your way.

If you want to succeed, you need to be the one in charge, the one who holds the lead. This is the trick to bang multiple girls or to make a woman your girlfriend. This will help you carry your love message to women. With this guide, you will be able to express your feelings through your actions, or rather, through your body language.

And while women can read your s perfectly well, you can also read theirs. And this guide will show you how. Thus, you will have a way to express your feelings of love to a girl in a way that is sure to provoke her and leave her craving more. But remember- their subconscious mind functions the same way.

And you will be given a way to break the ice and immediately get on friendly terms with her so you can proceed with the seduction. This is your place for information to avoid the friend zone and the no-sex zone. You might find yourself short of words, ideas, or simply gathering worries when approaching a really gorgeous girl.

You need to be a bit more delicate when you handle this matter. No worries though, this system will outline what to do to make her know that it is you who she wants to be with. In this part, Brian focuses on the things that truly make the difference when it comes to sex hint- it is not connected to your manhood's size or the time you can last! As this mini-guide suggests, it will show you the things about sexual fantasies, roleplaying, and warming her up you might be getting wrong and turn you into her sex god!

In this part, you will be given more insight into how women want to be sexually satisfied. Because once you know what she wants, you can give it to her. And once you do it, well, you can be sure the girl will be willing to ride you again, and again, and again! Using this technique, you will quickly turn into her priority.

And as such, she won't be thinking of anything except chasing you and making sure you are satisfied by her! With this method, you will strengthen the way emotional attachment between the two of you. Once a girl feels emotionally connected to you, she can let go and focus solely on satisfying you. What you might not realize is that this gives her even more pleasure because she feels the emotional attraction between both of you, and this can let her focuses solely on sexual ecstasy.

Brian uses this method to grow sexual tension as quicks humanly possible. This is the easiest way to correctly trigger and sexually arouse a girl. With this technique, she will get comfortable being with you faster than you can imagine. You can guess by now what follows next! Moreover, this is your trump card to keep the girl once you choose the one. You can use Sexual Supremacy and have the fun of your life, and once you meet the girl of your dreams, you will not only be able to effectively seduce her, but also make her your girlfriend and keep her.

As if the information so far isn't enough, you will also be granted free access to several bonuses once you purchase the program.

Brian burke dating coach

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