Bottom wanting to suck

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If you are here because you are looking for the most amazing open-minded fun-spirited sexy adult community then you have found the right place. We also happen to have some of the sexiest members you'll ever meet. up below and come us. Tags: gay gay amateur gay man gay sex. Most Liked Posts. Isiahsin Superior Member. Not at all. There are subcultures among Gay men.

Some appear to view bottoming or sucking dick as emasculating. The rest of us see it as a good time to be enjoyed by whomever cares to. But now a lot of masculine tops are sucking dick. Stratavos Superior Member. Jake4fun3 , muskokan , Mister and 6 others like this. John Again. OKCLane and Stratavos like this. OKCLane , keenobserver , Stratavos and 1 other person like this.

Anytime I come across a bottom with that sort of attitude or a "don't touch my dick" attitude, I steer clear of him with a 30 foot barge pole. If it's there, I want to play with it. Submissivebottom Expert Member. As long as I can suck him as well even if he's just finished fucking.

Salman , ufucisuc and hunghorse30 like this. If he is going to fuck me then my cock better end up in that mouth. Seriously, what two persons or more do, in full agreement, for mutual pleasure only concernes to them! Stereotypes only prevent to give and receive hapiness and pleasure! OKCLane likes this. KuronoB Cherished Member.

My dom dont even touch my dick nor lets me touch it during bottoming, he is my first dom and from what I am told because he's a natural dom, since dominated without words. I went to ride him but by my hips he guided me in to doggy style, and when I reached for my dick he griped my fingers and held them against me where his handles he was using at the time, until we got disrupted, jumped in the sauna and he fingered me at will. But i guess I dont dukly submit if he did touch me. But i know now I am a sub, because I flet vw5ry comfortable and felt like my performance was as good as his.

So in this case, I beleive suckng the sub bottom, would not be allowed. LondonCutguy Legendary Member. I expect to be sucked AND fucked! I class sucking as unrelated, it may result in one or other getting fucked, or both flip flopping. My husband is a bottom but I suck him. LondonCutguy likes this. Tbprivate Legendary Member. Tbprivate likes this.

I enjoy sucking a guy as I fuck him. No complaints yet and it helps me get off. The point is for both to enjoy it. My two cents. So my question is, if do like a male, and i'm male as well, how can approach him and not offend or act rude? I mean, we work together, i think people know that i'm gay, but i'm not a "openly gay" person and never tried to ask someone out in real life.

I've used to date man only from gay sex site and only like that, where people are gay by default. I really like this man, but don't want to create awkward situation at work place. Hockeytiger , OKCLane , deano-uk and 1 other person like this. I top only and love sucking my bottom boy, I take the control and its there for my use and my pleasures. Show Ignored Content. Your name or address: Do you already have an ? Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

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Bottom wanting to suck

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