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Tuesday, October 12, State of the Nation: No peace for social leaders. Implementing peace: Gender issues lag behind. Cacerolazos: Reclaim the calles. Can renegade guerrillas reignite a war? Trending Now. Mario Mendoza: A library is a very powerful weapon. Colombia to take Afghan evacuees. Colombia takes home valuable point from Uruguay. Freek Huigen - October 7, Don't miss. Photo: 13 pesos. Oli Pritchard - August 26, Find out if it's worth a watch. Emma Newbery - September 23, Tristan Quigley - September 17, August 26, Hayley McCord - September 27, Like many countries, various forms of violence against women in Colombia increased during the pandemic.

Oli Pritchard - September 25, Mario Mendoza: A library is a very powerful weapon September 24, Colombia to take Afghan evacuees August 26, Independence day: Celebrations and protests July 20, Independence day: No shame in waving the Colombian flag July 19, A virtual tour lets you travel the world without worrying about Covid tests or quarantines. Every country has its fair share of superstitions, many of which grew from religious beliefs.

Easter in Colombia is no different. Spread your wings and discover hidden Colombia Oli Pritchard - March 18, It often feels like half of Colombia is crammed into the walls of the old city of Cartagena. Colombia takes home valuable point from Uruguay Freek Huigen - October 7, Reinaldo Rueda has been announced as the new head coach of the Colombian national team. Freek Huigen - September 9, Coronavirus is still dominating the news, but sports are back on as well around the globe, including the Tour de France. And it is a feast for the Colombian cycling fans as the Colombians are looking good.

What can we take away from the first 11 days of the Tour? Conrad Egusa - December 22, Over the past weeks, a host of Colombian and foreign companies with ties to Colombia came together to deliver on-the-ground aid to people affected by Hurricane Iota on the islands of San Andres and Providencia off the Nicaraguan coast.

Conrad Egusa - September 29, English language. When you are a beginner, tone is important in order to sound polite and not offend people. At higher levels, tone becomes less specific, as you need to sound more natural and contextually appropriate. Oliver Pritchard looks at the importance of getting the right tone when speaking a foreign language. Spanish language. Katie Jacoby - September 3, One of the milestones for foreigners living in Bogota is opening a bank . The process is not always easy, but Katie Jacoby shares all the vocabulary you may need to get yourself started in the world of Colombian finance.

NGO focus. Find out about three very different social ventures — focusing on technology, nature and health — which have been shortlisted for Google prizes due to their ability to innovate and impact society. Baseball and Colombia are not words you often hear together.

While other Latin American nations feature in the top end of the baseball spectrum, Colombia is not one of them. Companies and candidates are discovering that international intern programmes offer more than just job opportunities — these are cultural exchanges that contribute to changing perceptions and deepening perspectives.

Latest Articles. Despite a difficult start, Colombia keeps Uruguay on and stays in full strength for World Cup qualification for Qatar Freek Huigen - October 6, Tereza Bizkova - September 27, Mat Youkee - September 24, The Colombian writer and journalist Mario Mendoza talks about gritty realism, literature, protests, and the pandemic. Emily Hart - September 11, We talk to some of the people involved in a new exhibition that highlights the many barrios on the outskirts of the city that lack basic infrastructure.

Ethan Jacobs - September 3, Emma Newbery - August 26, Colombia will act as a transit hub for Afghan migrants on their way to the US. But details are thin on the ground. Katherine Gray - July 30, Oli Pritchard - July 20, Independence day protests in Colombia unfolded peacefully for the most part as thousands took part in marches and other events. Oli Pritchard - July 19, This independence day, we consider attitudes towards the Colombian flag and the way that it's flown by police, protestors, and presidents.

Ethan Jacobs - July 13, Here's a snapshot of one October morning. Oli Pritchard - July 3, Here's how getting vaccinated in Bogota panned out for one writer this week. If you're next in line, find out what to expect. Freek Huigen - June 25, Steve Hide - June 7, The government announces ambitious plans to ease out of the crisis. But it could get worse before it gets better. Cristina Dorado Suaza - June 3, Universities won't listen, but social media will.

Here's how student groups are making sure that cases of sexual harassment don't remain hidden. Craig Dempsey - May 31, Colombia could be well-positioned to take advantage of changes in Mexican outsourcing laws. Steve Hide - May 31, We break down some of the fake news. Oli Pritchard - May 28, It's been one month since protests in Colombia kicked off as people took to the street to express their frustration with the status quo.

Emma Newbery - May 27, Emma Newbery - May 15, Emma Newbery - May 12, With an already heavy presence of armed gangs and high rates of both unemployment and poverty, it was a tinderbox. Emma Newbery - May 10, Hospital confirms brain death of Lucas Villa, the protestor who was seen shaking hands with riot police on the day he was shot.

Oli Pritchard - May 7, Colombia protests live. As the demonstrations reach their ninth day, we follow the demonstrations as they unfold. Emma Newbery - May 5, Simmering social and economic tensions have led to violent clashes.

Bogota colombia classifieds

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