Blues songs about love lyrics

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Love is in the air. And you want to set the mood with a little bit of music. The answer is to turn to the blues of course. So light those candles. And while musically it may sound like a rock prayer to sex, drugs and music, a closer look at the lyrics reveals a deep yearning for love. Sometimes, the love not yet found is even all the more powerful than that consummated and this song nails that power.

Go get her, tiger. This song is hot, hot, hot. King and his Orchestra. Not this time. An early classic by the iconic bluesman B. Not so this time. And that can be even lovelier. This Willie Dixon song that Joe covered on his album Driving Towards the Daylight is a tune about unlimited devotion to your lover. We recommend clearing some space out in your living room so that you can dance to this once. In fact, if we have any say in the matter, this song will be right up there in the canon of great blues romance songs.

Its multi-layered acoustic-electric guitar texture and sultry female backup vocals add to its charming allure. Maybe you forgot the roses. Maybe you were late for your date because you got stuck in traffic. Make sure to check out the Joe Bonamassa Official Store to purchase your copies of Blues of Desperation, Driving Towards the Daylight, and the other fine Joe Bonamassa albums sampled in these playlist now.

Blues songs about love lyrics

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Blues Song Lyrics