Black teenage shemales

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Treasure, a year-old Black girl who identifies as Caucasian, was a guest on the Dr. Phil Show this week. The episode sparked outrage after Treasure said Black people were "gross" and "ugly". I'm a Caucasian because everything about me is different from an African American," said Treasure in an episode of Dr. Phil that aired on Oct. Treasure's mom, Monique, asked Dr. Phil for help because her daughter despises Black people. Monique says she doesn't recall when Treasure began identifying as Caucasian, or why she expresses racist views towards Black people.

Treasure told Dr. Phil that she considers herself to be Caucasian because white people have no problems at all. Monique said she is embarrassed whenever she and Treasure go out in public, and her daughter utters racist remarks about Black people. Phil introduced Treasure and Monique to Spirit, a family therapist who can help Treasure unlearn her destructive thought process to help her accept who she is. Spirit blamed Treasure's low self-esteem for her self-hate and society's pressure for teenagers to be perfect, particularly on social media.

Poor kid. I feel so bad for her. Her mother is to blame for not teaching her about "advanced" black civilizations before the advent of western civilizations. She not black she a NIG! Throw the whole girl away. Delusional AF. Sorry, but I cannot be offended by people I don't take seriously. I couldn't even get to the story yet because the headline had me in tears They should be ashamed of themselves for putting this little girl on tv smh they will do anything for ratings.

She can identify as she pleases. But why does she need to insult black people to identify as she wishes. American race integration and race assimilation has resulted in a new generation that identifies as not as they appear. If America wants to call girls boys and boys girls, then America better give treasure her white privilege.

I saw a clip of this didn't listen on IG and the caption said "I can't get past her teeth. Baby girl, who failed you in life. I don't know that I'll be watching Bwhahhahahahhaaaa Her mother has failed this child. Poor thing. OKAY, Your butt will learn how black you are very soon.

I would NOT go on National TV to let the world know that is the child I could have swallowed, washed down the drain or even sucked out through a tube at some corner clinic NO WAY. They didn't talk about the part in the interview where all this started when her mother married a white man moved to a predominately white neighborhood.

Which tells me the mother secluded her from anything black. After her mom's white husband passed away. She told both her daughter and son that their real father was black. They thought their white step father was their real father. The mother is the real issue she started this and she obviously had the same mentality her daughter has now. Reality struck their behinds when rich white daddy died and they had to downgrade and go back to their people. I'm pretty sure the mom hardly had her around her black relatives. This story is deeper than this little clip. The way I see it even black kids who don't identify as white should be able to strategically identify as white for benefits of white privilege and society better recognize.

They give white kids scholarships to black schools and white kids act and pass for black to gain financially. But how did Treasure NOT know she wasn't white? Mirrors don't lie. I thinks this family has issues as a whole for her to go on tv and assume she was white by genetics Talking about she's embarrassed when she uses racial slurs?

She would only have one time to use them and that would be the end of that! The mother allowed this bs to get this far and now she wants help? Saw this on my IG TL yesterday. Ain't no such thing as black and white its jus energy because we are energy light beings having a human experience. Education of Universal Laws and took away our freewill , and now we are under rulership of white supremacy, so I say knowledge is power learn your history and culture , and learn to love and except yourself and be comfortable in your own skin , because this aint nothing but a suit you have on and when you will take it off when you leave here.

Love and Light. If America lets white kids gain from race appropriation then America better let black kids do the same. Sort of like the Bible is supposedly just a book written by man that contains the past and future. However, we are suppose to believe textbooks written by some other men that can only explain some past events and predictions why they occurred.

Unfortunately this child is going to "utter" her racist remarks, and disdain around the wrong black person, and they might forget she's . I wonder how many people who support so called "transgendered" people living "their truth" support this girl who identifies as a White girl? This is why no one should ever let delusional people pressure you into going along with their delusional. Ummmm she claims she's white and she must think that she's cute since she said blacks are ugly? There's deep delusion with this girl because she's ugly AF! When your mom tells you from a young age that your white step father is your real father as you don't care what you see in the mirror.

From the beginning she mentioned she hated black dolls. Instead of her mother correcting the behavior she bought her white dolls instead. This mother is looking for attention. Like I always say mental illness starts at home. Most people with a mental illness got it from their parent. I'm not sure if this child is mentall ill, or maybe just doing this for attention. Either way, it's sad. Yeah she's super delusional she probably doesn't see a black girl at all. She probably sees someone with blonde hair and blue eyes. Surely her classmates laugh and make fun of her. Don't worry the world will get her right together just give it some time, society will show her she's black.

There isn't enough money in the world! I won't even meet my son's girlfriends because I know how picky he is and when the relationship ends I don't want anyone to know who we are in a store. Even if her mom did tell her she white, if this young lady has common sense she would know she is black. The whole family is nuts. I said it was daddy issues and immaturity. She's dealing with some type "Tragic Mulatto" and "Imitation of life" issues. I guess rich white daddy didn't leave a will or life insurance the way they normally do for their white kids and white family.

Oh you know they do, they probably say things just to get her going in on blacks. In a minute she's going to hate her black mom, this is a modern day "Imitation of Life"! If men and women can up and change their gender then why can't this nutty azz girl be white?! What's the difference? Skin, hair, features, DNA. Okay so this BEEN going on. Alright Monique.

I blame you. And you lied and told this girl at some point her daddy was white? Saw that at the end of clip above. Im lost so I gotta go do the rest of this hw. She would cut their he off, pull off their arms.

Black teenage shemales

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Meet year-old Treasure, a Black girl who identifies as Caucasian