Birmingham dating scene

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Just when we were getting into the swing of a new decade, COVID halted things in the blink of an eye. You can still strike up a romance. It just requires a little creativity. Online dating has seen a surge around the country. So grab your phone and learn how to use the self-timer camera or force your quarantine buddy to be your personal photographer. No dinner dates. No meeting up at coffee shops. No going out to bars. Here are some virtual date ideas to kick things off:.

So download the Netflix Party extension and grab the essentials. Check out this local guide to Birmingham restaurants offering curbside pickup. Several bars and breweries are offering closed container cocktail kits to mix yourself at home. Here are some Birmingham-influenced movies to help make the decision process a little bit easier:. Time to flex those cooking skills. Pick a dish both of you will enjoy and cook over a video call.

Need some ideas? Here are 5 local chefs to get some inspiration. Nothing beats that first sip of coffee in the morning, so why not enjoy it with your date via video chat?

Birmingham dating scene

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