Bigger redneck looking to Huntington down

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Yes, the arena's name is lame. I liked it better when it was just the Huntington Civic Arena. Anyway, the mighty Tool returns to WV. Thank you guys! I got my tickets yesterday, who else is going? Yeah, I guess it does. It's actually a retailer of TV's, furniture, etc in the area. I'm guessing Big Sandy comes from the Big Sandy river.

But yeah, it's a pretty ridiculous name. Maybe Maynard will crack some jokes about it when they come to town. I'm goin. I'm so stoked, i missed them the last time around, had my tonsils taken out. That name blows, as if it wasn't hard enough to get good shows in town. I'll be there. I'm really surprised they are returning since the reception for them last time was pretty embarassing. I actually thought the reaction during the show last time was fine, but I heard a lot of poor reviews from people afterward. I think people wanted a lot more Undertow and Aenima.

Personally, I loved it. I'm thinking Opiate just might have to show up that night. Or hoping at least. I hope they do AEnima, I also hope that the hicks don't act up again. I dont think there will be a reapeat of last time as long as Tomahawk isn't going to be there. I'm as open minded as anyone about music, but the "music" they were trying to establish that night was really bad. I don't know if it was the Arena or the equipment or what, but narly distortion just doesnt go over well when you are waiting on Tool.

The redneck jokes didnt help either. I wish i could go to this, but I've moved to FL since the last concert. As much as the name sucks, i love small venues and loved it the last time they were at the Civic Arena. Hope this time kicks ass for you guys. Tomahawk was great, I don't know what everyone's problem was. As for the redneck jokes, I personally didn't take offense because I'm not a redneck.

I thought it was hilarious so many people got up in arms about it. They play both every night. Something a little more unconventional. Ideal Setlists? Anyone else? I am with everyone else about the stupid name Monkey Bar I will be seeing them in Huntington again and I can't wait.

I also have tickets to the Cincinnati show the week before. I think the fact that they are comming back to Huntington is amazing. I thought they would never play here again. It is our chance to redeem ourselves I'm happy to see them again. I saw Tool at this arena in I thought the show was amazing and I am surprised they are coming back. I am really looking forward to this 1. Venue is small-maybe seats.

I had GA floor seats last time around and this time as well and it was awesome. Crowd was lame but Tool was on. I hope they get a better reception this time around. Anyone from Tool Army wanna meet up? I will never understand why this venue has a hard time selling tickets. Maybe as time goes by more tickets will sell but they still have floor tickets on Ticketmaster. Why does nobody want to travel to this show? Im comming down from Clarksburg WV for the show, just around 3hrs. I also saw them in , I believe Fanotmas opened up, a handful of ppl in the venue and myself had any idea about them, the others threw stuff and just wanted Tool to come out, they had no idea that Mike Patton blessed them.

If anyone recalls, Maynard turned his back to the crowd for the whole show, I even believe he did that at the end when the band hugged. Mike Patton's other band Tomahawk opened for Tool. You are correct, I got my opening bands mixed up, Fantomas did open for Tool but it was Tomahawk in Huntington just referred to my ticket stub , thanks. Does anybody know who is opening for Tool in Huntington? I heard Melt Banana is opening for them until the 23rd of June Have any of you ever heard Melt Banana?

Jesus H. I checked them out a little. They are horrible Huntington will take them apart and Maynard will be pissed again. The rednecks are gonna fuck this up for us again aren't they? Sup InsideTheOutside20? My Dad lives in ashland, works at Ashland Oil. I don't think they are supposed to play with Tool after the 23rd. I work as a contractor at Ashland Oil Marathon.

Floor tickets are still availible for this show It seems like the only venue that can't sell tool tickets. There are still great seats available. I think part of the problem is that we never get shows here and they rarely sell out, so a lot of people just wait to get their tickets.

I have at least 6 friends who are definitely going but still haven't bought tickets. Their loss and your gain if you ask me. Oh, and besides, this is a very small arena, not a bad seat in the place really. Come on up, we'd love to have visitors. It's on a Saturday too people! I know a lot of people that constantly complain about how it is too far to travel to see some bands but when a group like Tool comes to town, they don't go anyway.

Bigger redneck looking to Huntington down

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