Bi curious women stories

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I live to see bisexual women books representation and is shaping out to be an amazing year. Half are adult, half are YA; as far as genre goes, the list includes fantasy, science fiction, romance, and mystery! Enjoy these awesome bisexual women books of !

Some have already been released, others are coming later in the year. The tale, which is real for teenage Soraya, is about a princess who is poisonous to the touch. Safe and hidden in her gardens, Soraya must decide if she is willing to step out of the shadows and explore how what has been deemed her curse might indeed be her power.

You all know how much I love an enemies to lovers romance , and this YA starring a lesbian and bisexual lead is going to deliver! They hate each other. Because they both desperately want the Capstone scholarship. Unbeknownst to them, though, their online personas on a fanfic site are working together on a graphic novel and starting to fall in love.

Science fiction gender-swapped retelling of Alexander the Great, anyone? This is the first book in a trilogy of an incredibly intricate, deftly weaved space opera. Pretty much everyone in the cast is queer, with two notably bisexual women — including the Queen-Marshall of the empire.

Not only is this action-packed with fascinating women characters, there is very inventive world-building and twisty turny political scheming. For the publicity his sports charity for kids needs. Another romance featuring a lesbian and bisexual lead, but this time centred around competing henna businesses! A variety of queer characters populate this historical mystery. Bisexual Millie runs the show at a jumping speakeasy in New Orleans in The star of the stage is drag queen Marion — AKA the boy in the red dress.

In a small conservative Irish town, Dayna is a teen witch in training who has recently been outed as bisexual. A murder of a witch le her coven to work with another that has a reputation for dark magic. Can they work together to stop the serial murders of witches? Skye is a Korean American bi teen girl who is determined to become the first plus size K-Pop star. When she nails the internationally televised audition, she swings right into the routines of reality TV. She also bumps up against fatphobic beauty standards of the Korean pop entertainment industry, struggles with her sudden fame and scrutiny, and tries to figure out how to handle her attraction to fellow competitor, Henry.

The ex, however, is a well-connected ex-cop. But Leila might be telling the truth this time? Jo is a Hollywood showrunner, Emma is her assistant. When they are captured on the rep carpet looking cozy as Jo makes Emma laugh, the tabloids instantly declare them a couple. The ever-growing scandal affects them both negatively, as Emma is looking for a promotion and Jo is starting a new film.

But is there something to the rumours? Okay so this is a list of great bisexual women books of , but maybe you want to catch up on some bisexual books from past years? Or 5 Books about Bisexual Women of Color? Or Must-Read Bisexual Books? Our Queerest Shelves Newsletter.

Bi curious women stories

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