Audio woman orgasm

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Welcome to our second installment of Hysterical Sound. In upcoming weeks Veronica Fitzpatrick will explore how the soundtrack of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre can be considered hysterical in its rejection of language and meaning and John Corbett , Terri Kapsalis and Danny Thompson share an excerpt from their performance of The Hysterical Alphabet. In doing so he troubles the dichotomies raised by the project, dichotomies between masculine visual pleasure and feminine aurality, between language and bliss. We see a black and white frame with a clothed woman seated at a table, visible from the sternum up, holding a book of her choosing.

She announces her name and the title of the book before beginning to read. While reading, the subject generally begins to stumble, the speeding of reading slowing down or speeding up, changes in pitch and emphasis growing more pronounced. Eventually, she is able to read no more and gives in to sighs, groans, or silent, eye-closing paroxysms.

In this way, the sound of female pleasure is, as Corbett and Kapsalis suggest, always evidentiary This pleasure calls to mind Roland Barthes, who saw the possibility of bliss and representation as fundamentally incompatible. What draws me to these discussions — and their relation to Hysterical Literature — is the almost overwhelming insistence on dichotomy.

Male pleasure on the side of the visible is opposed to female pleasure on the side of the invisible. This logic is not confined to discussions of sound, but is echoed in some of the writing on Hysterical Literature as well. Upper body or lower? Logic or lust? Prefrontal cortex or hypothalamus? Though Cubitt and his subjects seek to maintain the division between the subject and her distraction, the series is far more interesting than that dichotomy would suggest. There is no cut, no switch in which a subject goes from reading to not-reading.

Every video begins and ends the same way — we open on a woman telling us her name and her book, and end the same way, orgasm over with. In between, however, we have a combination of the book chosen by the subject and her augmented reading. The cadence that slows down, speeds up, gets lost, and must repeat.

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Audio woman orgasm

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