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Since incorporation in , law enforcement services in the City have been provided through a contract with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. Rancho Cucamonga continues to be one of Southern California's most family-oriented, safe, and prosperous cities. The low crime rate that the City continues to enjoy, is a direct result of not only the hard work and dedication of the men and women of the Police Department, but the positive interaction and participation by the community in crime prevention activities.

These efforts have resulted in not only one of the safest cities to live in, but also a place where the citizens enjoy the security of a City and Police Department that are truly dedicated to working together to provide a safe and family oriented environment.

Public safety is the City's highest priority. As the community continues to grow, the challenge will be to continue addressing these increased needs that affect the "quality of life" in Rancho Cucamonga and define our community as a safe one. The primary function of the Traffic Division is to facilitate the safe and effective movement of traffic through the City of Rancho Cucamonga. The Traffic Division enforces California Vehicle Codes, investigates traffic collisions, directs traffic when needed, and develops driver awareness of traffic laws and the causes of traffic collisions.

If an officer receives a report of an abandoned vehicle or while patrolling suspects a vehicle is abandoned or inoperable the vehicle may be tagged with a 72 hour warning notice. If the vehicle has not been moved after 72 hours the vehicle can be towed as a violation of California Vehicle Code k. The vehicle can be towed without a warning tag being issued if there is evidence the vehicle has been parked in the same location for more than 72 hours, or if an officer marks tires, checks vehicle mileage, etc.

Abandoned vehicles can be hazardous and unsightly if they are leaking fluids, have broken windows, or accumulate cobwebs and debris and invite pests, they may be stolen vehicles that have been dumped by a vehicle thief after use, the owner may have moved and left the vehicle behind, or it may be a vehicle that no longer runs and is being stored on the street by owner. If you would like to report an abandoned vehicle or suspected stolen and "dumped" vehicle, please call our non-emergency dispatch at If your vehicle has been tagged with a warning notice and it is not abandoned, simply move it the required distance within 72 hours of the warning notice to prevent further action.

Traffic collisions are a civil matter unless they are associated with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if one of the involved parties leaves the scene of the accident without exchanging the information required by law; whether or not injuries are involved.

As a courtesy and to promote public safety, the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department may assist the public by taking traffic collision reports for property damage only, non-injury, and minor injury traffic collisions subject to availability due to other priority or emergency calls for service.

They may also help parties involved in a traffic collision to exchange the proper information required by law when neither party desires a collision report. The Rancho Cucamonga Police Department will take a report and conduct an investigation for all collisions involving major injury or death. Officers will make reports based on driver and witness statements, vehicle damage, tire skid evidence, and vehicle location and debris taken at the scene of the collision.

Since traffic collision reports are a civil matter, the findings of Officers are not final determination of fault and they do not determine how insurance claims are paid or not paid, insurance companies will make final determinations on those matters. Traffic Collisions cannot be investigated properly if they are not reported while both parties are still at the location where the incident occurred along with the involved vehicles.

This is not to say that parties involved in traffic collisions cannot move their vehicles out of the roadway once it is determined that no one has been injured. However; in order to investigate traffic collisions officers must be able to speak to any involved drivers, witnesses, see involved vehicles, check for damage, and investigate the scene for debris, measurements, tire skid, or other conditions that may have caused or contributed to a collision such as weather, visibility, construction, malfunctioning traffic als, etc.

For this reason collisions that are not reported at the time they occur will not be investigated by an Officer. If you or your insurance company wishes to obtain a police report for a collision after the incident occurred and parties left the scene after exchanging information, the driver of the vehicle can come to the Rancho Cucamonga Police Station during regular business hours and obtain a "late traffic collision report".

This report is filled out by one of the parties involved in the collision and is simply a statement of the circumstances, location, vehicle damage, and other facts regarding the collision. The report is issued a by Rancho Cucamonga Police Department and can be requested by insurance companies involved in the civil actions. Late Traffic Collision reports will not contain measurements, fault recommendations, and Officers will not follow-up or verify any statements made on the report or contact the other driver. Hit and Run Collisions that occurred in the City of Rancho Cucamonga and are discovered and reported after the vehicle has been moved from the scene, will still be taken after the fact because they are a criminal matter and will be taken as a criminal report.

The involved vehicle needs to be present with the person reporting the hit and run collision so that the responding Officer can examine vehicle damage and look for evidence on the vehicle such as paint transfer from the suspect vehicle.

Officers can also assist persons involved in traffic collisions in the City of Rancho Cucamonga that do not wish to have a traffic collision report taken but want assistance in exchanging proper information with each other. Officers can provide "Information Exchange" cards which outline the information required by law to exchange. Officers can verify both driver's have a valid driver's , current vehicle registration, and proof of insurance and that information can be documented in a "call for service" report which is available immediately by involved parties at the Rancho Cucamonga Police Station.

Traffic collision reports require at least business days before they are available at the Rancho Cucamonga Station, sometimes longer if injuries were involved. For more information on obtaining a copy of your report see our Services and Fees section. Ongoing traffic concerns and issues can be brought to the attention of our Traffic Division by calling Some examples of ongoing traffic concerns are; a high volume of vehicles running red lights, stop s, speeding in residential areas, vehicles parking in areas deated only for loading and unloading near schools, vehicles using a public roadway for speed contests or races , etc.

If you have a problem with one specific vehicle or person such as a neighbor, parking issue, etc. Rancho Cucamonga Police Officers cannot issue citations or speak to drivers about violations based on hearsay or for violations the Officer did not witness themselves. Also, due to staffing and the need to respond to in-progress or possible injury or emergency calls for service; the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department normally is not able to "post an Officer" at a certain location to wait for a violation that one person has reported as occurring.

Ongoing traffic concerns are handled on a case by case basis, please contact our Traffic Division at if an ongoing traffic problem is occurring in the City of Rancho Cucamonga. To contest a traffic citation you received you must appear in court on the date listed on your citation. Please bring any documentation in support of your reason for disputing the citation such as photographs or other documents.

If you received a citation for a correctable offense you can have your citation ed-off prior to your court appearance at the Rancho Cucamonga Police Station Monday - Thursday from AM - PM. Corrected citations must be submitted to the Rancho Cucamonga courthouse along with any applicable fees for the citation to be cleared. The Patrol Division is responsible for delivering basic law enforcement services within the City of Rancho Cucamonga, promoting public safety and preserving public peace. The bulk of the station personnel are ased to this division and they are deployed according to current crime trends.

Some of the Patrol Division's responsibilities include:. If you are looking for employment with the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department you will need to go through the process of applying through the San Bernardino County. You can visit their web site at www. The sub-station is located on Kew Avenue across from the east parking structure. It is a privilege to be chosen to serve in this very unique asment.

Patrolling in police cars, Gem Cars, Segways, bicycles, or on foot; the Victoria Gardens Police Team provides police services to the stores, restaurants, a variety of businesses, and their guests. Office Phone : - Office Fax: - Please be advised there are no deputies in the station from 8 a. A "false alarm" is considered an activated alarm or alarm al which is responded to within the City of Rancho Cucamonga by Police Officers, but for which no emergency situation exists.

Those alarms activated by extraordinary meteorological, atmospheric, or other conditions as determined by the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department shall not be considered false alarms for this purpose. On each third and subsequent false alarm response to a particular location during the same fiscal year, a service charge shall be paid to the City of Rancho Cucamonga based on the following fee schedule:.

For all requests to obtain firearms call the Property and Evidence Division to determine if the firearm is available for release. The Property and Evidence Division must be contacted before submitting the Department of Justice paperwork. Requests are on a case-by-base basis, and requesters must be given options based on their particular situation. All firearms requesting to be released must be registered to the individual requesting the release.

All individuals requesting items held in the Property and Evidence Division must make an appointment regardless of whether a court order or Department of Justice Firearms release has been obtained. Extra Patrol or Vacation Check requests for response no longer than 20 minutes from the time you are calling can be made through our non-emergency dispatch at , subject to Officer availability due to emergency and priority calls.

If you would like to request Extra Patrol or a Vacation Check for a time period up to or including 30 days in the future, please fill out an Extra Patrol Request Form. Extra Patrol Requests must be submitted in-person at the Rancho Cucamonga Station at least one week prior to the date requested. Please bring a photo identification, and if you are the owner of the location the request is for, bring a current utility bill showing your name and the address on the request. Extra Patrol Form. Problems with vicious dogs or other dangerous animals posing an immediate risk of injury to the public can be reported by calling If a person or other animal has been bitten by a dog or other animal, contact the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department Dispatch at Additional information regarding barking dogs is available by clicking here.

Reports are available through our Records Division Monday - Friday from a. There is a fee of. Reports take at least business days to become available, sometimes longer for in depth investigations or major traffic collisions. The entire report is available to the victim of a crime if no suspect was associated with the report.

Partial reports are available if there was a suspect identified. If you are a suspect and want a copy of your report, you must obtain the report through your attorney. Prior to coming to the Rancho Cucamonga Police Station to obtain a copy of your report, you may want to call and ask for Records to see if your report is complete and available for release. You can download, print, and fill out the Report Request Form and bring it to the Rancho Cucamonga Police Station once your report is available.

Photo identification is required. Narcotics, Arson, and Sex Registration is done by appointment only , Monday - Friday from the hours of a. Please bring a photo identification and necessary paperwork to your appointment. Instead, please call our business office during business hours at , or dispatch for after hours at To make a police report for a criminal matter, lost property, found property, missing person, or to report a non-injury traffic collision where BOTH parties are still at the location where the collision occurred; contact our non-emergency dispatch telephone at and you will be contacted at your location in the City of Rancho Cucamonga.

Reports can also be made at the Rancho Cucamonga Police Station. During business hours, someone may be available at the Station to take your report. However; if no "desk" officer is on duty, if he or she is busy assisting someone else, or if it is after normal business hours, an Officer on patrol will need to respond to the Station in order to assist you.

Wait times for reports, both in the field and at the Station, may vary based on the of emergency and other calls officers are handling, the of personnel on duty, and the of report requests received prior to yours. If you need to report a crime where evidence may be present at the scene such as a residential or vehicle burglary an Officer will need to respond to the location where the crime occurred in order to fully investigate the crime.

If you are reporting an identity theft or other type of financial crime documentation must be provided before a report can be taken. If you need to report a non-injury traffic collision that occurred in the past, or an exchange of information was done and the other driver is no longer present, you must make the report in person at the Rancho Cucamonga Station during normal business hours Monday - Friday from a.

Tow Hearings or "post-storage hearings" for vehicles that have been towed and either stored or impounded by the Rancho Cucamonga Police Department, are held each week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from a. For information about tow hearings and what qualifies as a valid reason for releasing a vehicle prior to the 30 days required for impound, read our tow hearing informational guide.

Receipts for repossession of vehicles can be obtained at the Rancho Cucamonga Police Station during normal business hours Monday through Friday from a.

Asian sex in San bernardino tx

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