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Police in the Philippines say they have arrested dozens of suspects linked to an online blackmail syndicate. The suspects persuaded people in foreign countries to expose themselves in front of webcams or send explicit material, police said. They then threatened to send the footage or photos to relatives unless payment was made. Philippine National Police chief Allan Purisima said 58 people had been arrested in a probe involving Interpol. Interpol said in a statement on Friday: "Operating on an almost industrial scale from call centre-style offices, such cyber-blackmail agents are provided with training and offered bonus incentives such as holidays, cash or mobile phones for reaching their financial targets.

That's why international co-operation in investigating these crimes is essential," he said. A Scottish police chief who took part in the briefing said a Scottish teenager had killed himself after being blackmailed by the syndicate. Hong Kong police official Louis Kwan said that more than people in the territory, mostly between 20 to 30 years old, fell victim to the syndicate.

Some eventually reported the blackmail to police when "they could no longer afford to continue paying", he added. Cybersex is a growing industry in the Philippines, where there are high levels of poverty and a population that speaks some English. Britons pay to see webcam sex abuse. Girls lured into Philippine cybersex industry. Task force. Related Topics. Published 15 January Published 3 March

Asian cyber sex

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The Philippines' booming cybersex industry