Any females need a job lol

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No arguing it is a tough job market out there. But a shortage of positions is not the whole story. Sometimes our good jobs go unfilled because of a shortage of desirable candidates. I'm not talking about qualified , I'm talking about appealing candidates -- there's a huge difference, especially for companies like mine and others where the culture is the soul of the business.

My belief and "policy" has always been to hire for chemistry and personality first. Of course the required skills must be there but skills can be taught and continuously improved; personality and attitude can't. And you can learn a lot about someone's personality and attitude by paying attention to how he or she approaches a job search.

I am increasingly shocked and disheartened by the lack of quality, professionalism and maturity with which many people conduct themselves in the process. For every job we have ever posted, many possibly-qualified-on-paper candidates never made it past "hello" because they introduced and presented themselves so horribly.

Here are four of the worst and most common offenses in my book, any of which will guarantee that I won't invite a candidate to interview with us:. Reading this, you might think I'm a rigid, pompous hard-ass when it comes to hiring and employees, but the exact opposite is true. If I have a job opening to fill, I obviously want to fill it. If a candidate is interested in and qualified for the job and a good fit for our culture, I want to hear from that person. I genuinely cherish the people who work here.

So in reality, I am pulling for all of those job applicants. All I ask is that if someone really wants the job and wants to be a part of the company, he shows it. Am I too rigid? Are my philosophies and policies too tough? Business owners, as always I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences. And job hunters, please share yours too.

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Any females need a job lol

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