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Sorry, but this sounds like a terrible idea. Only dating people with the same political views as you is really weird, and many anarchists are weird and cult-like enough as it is, without a website like this to help them. At least having a relationship with a "normal" is something which can bring even the most insular of navelgazing activists some connection to reality….

Circle A Harmony? I agree with Steven, for all those reasons, a terrible idea. I hate to rain on your love parade but also there's an issue of personal security. Would you want to photos, contact details, a run-down on your political views, maybe a list of organizations you've been involved with, to get a date? Maybe people can be a little overly paranoid at time but it's not without reason. I know where I live there's a dedicated police squad for monitoring anarchists, there's no shortage of situations where police have infiltrated anarchist groups.

I'm particularly thinking of Mark Stone case and others like it in the UK when police infiltrated activist groups with the specific instruction to "fuck the women. How are you going to vet potential clients? And it's not just the police, I'm sure there are right wing groups who would love to get an anarchist to meet up with. Paranoid maybe, but I'm sure I'm not the only one. Actually, I change my mind.

I think this would be a brilliant idea, mostly because it would be hilarious. I am quite surprised at the reaction to this here given there are so many stupid social posts on this site it is amazing. If people wanna try to find a date in this way, it's no problem. You don't like it, don't use it. As for security, it could be a threat, but probably not more than most people's Facebook s. I'm not sure that they were even anarchists, if you're thinking of the same ones that I am. Security wise this is a pretty poor idea as well, if it wasn't such a bad idea generally I'd be worried.

And following Steven's link I spotted a libcom poster within about three seconds. I mean let's think of a practical example. Say some EDL bonehe get turned over by anti-fascists in Brighton. Then they get home, pissed off and want to get revenge on some anarchists. Setting up a fake profile on this dating website and trying to lure a lone anarchist to a place and attack them would be pretty easy.

And of course setting up a fake Facebook profile is much harder, because it's generally pretty easy to see if someone is a real person or not. You could say people are free to use something or not, but then you get young children and teenagers who become anarchists and who may not think about the potentially negative consequences for example a couple of kids have posted here links to personal blogs with their real names, which we advised them to take down and anonymise.

So those of us who have been around a bit longer and know the risks should look out for those who may not so much, and if this website existing can put people in danger then it's better that it doesn't get started. Lenor is a brand of detergent.

Detergent goes in the washing machine, where it stops your clothes stinking. First date presents are usually chocolates or flowers. Have you been smoking the ganja? I had just not heard "anarchists not having soft clothes" as a stereotype before. Now, if you had said "a bar of soap"…. I think it's weird.

TBH "dates" are weird in general. Strange American things…. There's a difference between meeting someone you've met on the internet through other social media and a dating site. I met someone IRL this weekend that I knew through social media, but I wasn't showing up on my own expecting a romantic liaison and, let's be honest, when it comes to lurve and sex and romance and all that sort of thing, it's not uncommon for all common sense and reason to be chucked out of the window.

Some of the rationale for this site seems a bit hinky, if you ask me. I can see the point about wanting a partner with similar views to you and there's not exactly a huge of us, so if that's important to you then I can see why this might be of interest. But promoting it as a means of not undermining the anarchist movement by not having personal relationships forming within groups seems a bit weird.

Surely within any group of people who spend time together, whether it's political or not, relationships are going to happen. I'm not involved in anything atm but I have been in the past where personal relationships have caused some friction, but doesn't that just come under the shit happens school of life? If anarchism cannot survive because it can't cope with individuals being loved up or nasty break-ups, then you might as well give up now. Also, the bit about creating intergenerational anarchist families made me laugh. What is this, some kind of anarchist breeding program?

Because it really doesn't work like that. You can't guarantee that your kids are going to have the same political opinions as you, even if you do have some kind of fucked up program of indoctrination as part of your child-raising philosophy. My own kids regard me as being quirky but ever so slightly batshit, so my own powers of indoctrination are clearly poor. But that doesn't necessary make it a bad idea, just that those who do use it would need to be doubly careful.

Also, it doesn't have to be a culty thing. Kin' 'ell, I disagree with As journalists at the BBC strike to defend their jobs while senior execs get huge payoffs, former front man of middle-of-the-road Britpop act The Charlatans, scabs on them by covering for Lauren Explanations in terms of both imperialist gains and a descent into irrationality grasp only part of the reason why Europe and the USA recently went to war in Kosovo.

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Quote: As for security, it could be a threat, but probably not more than most people's Facebook s. Quote: If people wanna try to find a date in this way, it's no problem. Quote: First date presents are usually chocolates or flowers. Entdinglichung wrote: a minority of members disobeyed the CC's new line. The revolution is my boyfriend. These lovebirds met on Anarkissed. It's already a success! Jolly wrote: The revolution is my boyfriend. I think it's a sweet idea and there are some right miserable po-faced bleeders on here.

That said: Quote: Setting up a fake profile on this dating website and trying to lure a lone anarchist to a place and attack them would be pretty easy. Uber drivers to strike on September 28th and October 6th. Two separately-organised strikes of Uber drivers are coming up over the next few weeks. Tim Burgess: 'celebrity' Charlatan scab. Comments 6. Conkers or bonkers? Humanitarian war in Kosovo.

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Anarchist dating website

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