After the narcissist

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Having traveled that long and difficult road of healing after a narcissist shattered my life as I knew it, I know exactly what it takes to make it to the other side, claim your space in the light, and leave the darkness behind for good. More like a rollercoaster in a washing machine set on spin. Mainly because narcissistic abuse can be likened to psychological warfare, a grand mind-fuck that leaves the mind, heart, and soul of a victim a mangled and unrecognizable mess to be sorted and picked through.

There are, however, ways to fast-track your healing journey and avoid the dead ends and roadblocks that throw you off the path, delaying your eventual arrival to emotional freedom from your pain. I should know.

My journey was anything but fast, mainly because I traveled it alone and had no map for the way forward. Which is why today, after having acquired my Ph. So buckle up, buttercup. First stop: planning for success by following the seven things you must do while healing after narcissistic abuse.

Social media is the enemy of the healing process. There is a simple way to avoid this nightmare: unfriend, unfollow, block, delete. Empower yourself through your own education. One of the reasons so many victims of narcissistic abuse do not realize they are victims until much later or even after the relationship ends is due to a lack of knowledge of what constitutes abuse and what exactly a narcissist is. I had never heard of narcissistic personality disorder or narcissistic abuse and believed that a narcissist was just someone who looked in the mirror a lot and took too many selfies.

Was it really that bad? Not sure how to distinguish who exactly these people are? Or worse? Do you feel safe with them? Or do you feel like you have to defend yourself? Those are the people worth keeping. This attempt will be four flat tires on your road to recovery. This does not mean taking any blame for what happened to you by a narcissistic abuser because no one deserves to be abused. I found this to be the toughest part of healing because I had to look back at my childhood and my abusive father who normalized abuse in our family, therefore setting me up as soon as I left his house at the age of 18 for a future with abusive men.

Because the past is funny like that, and also unrelenting. Do not date or start a new relationship. The worst mistake one could make while trying to heal after narcissistic abuse is to find someone else to lick their wounds. Not only that, but victims of narcissistic abuse have incredibly low amounts of self-worth and self-respect, especially when they first escape, so diving into a new relationship is like driving California Highway One with your eyes closed.

The thing is, you need time to yourself to reflect, mourn, grieve, cry, rage at what has happened to you. This must be done alone because the truth is within you, not within someone else, so that is where you must be spending your time. No way, not worth taking the chance.

Be a gray rock when it comes to your ex. A gray rock? How boring. Why on earth would someone pick one up? Which is exactly what you want your narcissistic ex to view you as. Narcissists thrive on drama and supply. They are emotional vampires whose only objective is to suck the life out of anyone with a beating heart. This is why being a gray rock will save your sanity and keep you on that road forward instead of slamming on the brakes every time your vampire ex is thirsty for blood. Be the rock. The gray rock. Be so boring that a narcissist will lose interest and go find other fish to catch.

And the award for best actor as a gray rock goes to…. Forgive yourself. Are you mad because you stayed too long? Because you put up with someone treating you like shit? Are you angry because you should have known better? Because you feel like you wasted your life on the wrong person? How would you console her?

Bottom line, you would love her through it. Want to get expert help, tips, and strategies on recovering and healing after narcissistic abuse? in. Felicia C. And what not to do. Suzanna Quintana Follow. And are you a victim? Suzanna Quintana Chances are that you found my website due to some degree of pain and suffering you're enduring because of a current…. I Love You Relationships now. I Love You Follow. Written by Suzanna Quintana Follow.

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After the narcissist

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The 7 Things You Must Do While Healing After Narcissistic Abuse