Adult wants orgasm Denver

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As she moans in pleasure and her girly-geyser starts to swell, I become terrified at the prospect of its eruption. My face is definitely in the splash zone. This is a live demonstration of Orgasmic Meditation. Most women explore sexual pleasure in their bedrooms, in the dark, with a partner who expects some form of reciprocation. Devoted members of the OM community say the practice is life-altering in its ability to transform perspectives around self-image, connection and sexuality. They say its benefits extend far beyond the bedroom, instilling confidence into every corner of their lives.

But this is just a small gang of new recruits in the sprawling Denver OM community. And Denver is just one small pocket of a clit-stroking movement sweeping around the world to countries like England, France, Germany, Australia, Canada and Sweden. A recent catastrophe nearly collapsed the entire community. However, the Denver OM community is now rising above its misunderstood reputation, rejuvenating and reinventing this transformative pussy-stroking operation.

As the story goes, Orgasmic Meditation was born in when a woman named Nicole Daedone met a sexually enlightened monk at a party, who stroked her pussy and taught her the techniques she later developed into OM. In its humble beginnings, OneTaste was a small, San Francisco-based commune with just a couple dozen members living and OMing together. Lived there, helped out, took the programs, and really enjoyed it.

It encouraged them to take out multiple credit cards to buy more courses. Worst of all, the company used sex and flirtation to lure in emotionally vulnerable targets. Leaders would frequently order employees to OM with or have sex with customers to sell them on a new course. Many former employees claim that while they worked there, the company started to resemble a prostitution ring.

The FBI is currently investigating these allegations. OneTaste pushed its members to ignore their financial, emotional, and physical boundaries — until they snapped. After many members told their disturbing stories to the media, OneTaste closed its U. Like the female orgasm — an unpredictable rollercoaster of peaks and valleys — OM can still power through the lowest moments and end in something glorious. We spent 8 precious Saturday hours in a chic LoDo art studio learning the ins and outs of Orgasmic Meditation. Step 1: Ask a partner to OM. If they say no, they owe you no excuse about having a package to for or a terminally-ill cat to spoon-feed tuna fish.

If they say yes, move on to Step 2. Strokee takes off her pants and butterflies her legs. Stroker sits to the right of the strokee so that he can comfortably fondle her clitoris with his left index finger. The stroker puts on his gloves and applies lube to his clit-titillating finger. Steps 7 - For exactly 15 minutes, he strokes her clitoris, accepting occasional offers or requests to change location, pressure, speed, etc.

Steps Stroker cups his hand over her pussy and applies pressure, then pats her down with a washcloth. We sat in a semi-circle around a real life vagina as the practice was performed. Then, as a professional stroker supervised us, my boyfriend and I tried OMing for ourselves. In OM slanguage, this is an important distinction.

Climax is a few fleeting seconds of physical pleasure, whereas orgasm is the entire sensational journey. Traditionally, climax is the be-all and end-all for every sexual experience. At times, I wondered if my OM experience might be improved my eliminating certain elements of the ritual. Variations to the routine are a hard no-no because this intimate practice is not supposed to require love, romance, or even flirtation.

Two complete strangers should be able to get together to stroke some female genitalia and expect no surprises. OM should be the same way. Smith can go to Paris, for example, and meet up with a French woman to OM. At the conclusion of my OM training, I lay on the ground with two men staring intensely into my pussy, analyzing its best methods of stimulation. To distract my mind from the discussion about how to deftly finger my delicate lady-flower, I think about all the classmates I met today.

Every person here possesses a profound belief in the power of orgasm to heal, to rejuvenate, to help us find some sense of inner peace. It keeps them fighting to revive and redefine Orgasmic Meditation despite its stigmas and scandals. The journey to cultural acceptance might be a long uphill battle, but it would all be worth it in the end — just like the female orgasm. Search form Search this site. I ed the Orgasmic Meditation community to harness the limitless powers of female sexual pleasure I ed the Orgasmic Meditation community to harness the limitless powers of female sexual pleasure Sex May 10, By Lindsey Kline.

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Adult wants orgasm Denver

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I ed the Orgasmic Meditation community to harness the limitless powers of female sexual pleasure