Adult female english bulldog

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English bulldogs may look a little fierce, but they are far from it. They are loyal, loving and gentle. This raises the problem of them becoming overweight. Great care must be taken with their diet and they should have regular exercise. It is best to introduce them to walks early on in their life so it gets to be part of their daily routine. It is a good idea to watch the weight of English bulldogs when they are puppies. So what is the ideal weight for an English bulldog? At 1 month old they should weigh around 5 pounds. Then they grow quickly between 3 — 5 months and they will weigh between 15 — 30 pounds.

The increase then is steadier until they are around 1 year old when they should reach their maximum weight. A female English bulldog should weigh between 48 — 50 pounds, while a male should be between 52 — 55 pounds. You will have to feed your puppy English bulldogs more frequently than when they become adults. As puppies they need this routine nourishment due to their ificant growth and their need to develop bone mass. Bulldogs are only thought of as adults when they reach 18 months.

At that point, meals should be spread out to twice a day morning and evening. Be sure that you are providing adequate amounts of servings for each meal based off the dietary needs of your bulldog. This means to lay off the table scraps, occasional doggie treats and dog bones are fine.

Until they are 4 months old, puppies should be fed 4 times a day. At 6 months adjust your English bulldogs meal schedule to 3 meals a day. Once adulthood is reached, over 1 year, establish a daily feeding routine of 2 meals a a day. These meals should be spaced out with one in the morning and one in the evening. I recommend aligning it with your breakfast and dinner schedule. But you can adjust to whatever suits your specific situation best. However, it is up to you as to how many meals a day you give adult English bulldogs. If you experience bloating or other health concerns from feeding your English bulldog 2 times a day.

Maybe split the portion sizes from those two meals into smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day to ease potential bloat issues. To learn more about bloat prevention read Can Bulldogs Get Bloat? Plus 6 tips to Prevent it! About 2 cups of most typical dry dog foods are about right. But refer to the dog foods specified directions on the recommended amount. Though you can reduce the dry food and add some wet food as well. Be thorough in checking the food ingredients as well. English bulldogs have specific dietary needs that should be followed. Omega 6 fatty acids will give your English bulldogs healthy skin and a beautiful coat.

Omega 3s are also very important. They are good for heart and kidney health and help your English bulldogs avoid arthritis in later life as well as hip and t pain. Make sure that there are plenty of minerals and vitamins as these also promote good health. Always make sure that your English bulldog has access to water, especially if they are only eating dry food. They need to keep hydrated. Wet food can help with hydration but still adequate water is needed to keep these furballs bodily functions running healthily like they should.

So how do you tell if your English bulldog is overweight? Assess if their weight by age and size exceeds established English bulldog guidelines. An adult female English bulldog should weigh between 48 — 50 pounds and a male between 52 — 55 pounds.

Yes, English bulldogs are stocky dogs, but they should be a little slimmer at their waists compared to their hips. Overweight English bulldogs will have more layers of fat deposits on their bodies. These fat deposits will also stop them from being able to clean themselves properly. English bulldogs are also known to have respiratory problems with breathing as they are brachycephalic. This means that because of the structure of their face and bone structure it is more difficult for them to breathe properly. If they are overweight, their breathing can become more labored and their energy level will be much lower.

These weight and respiratory problems can lead to more ificant illnesses such as bronchitis. English bulldogs are prone to obesity. So what do you do if your English bulldog is piling on the pounds? The first thing to do is cut down on the amount of food you are giving them. Without realizing it, you might be feeding them too much for their metabolic rate.

In addition, you can give them smaller more frequent meals as this can speed up metabolism. Every dog loves a treat, but when it comes to treats give your English bulldog something healthier and with fewer calories than a shop bought snack or unmonitored table scraps. Good ideas are slices of banana, green beans, broccoli, apples and sliced cucumbers. When giving treats, only do so after your bulldog has performed a task such as an obedience skill.

Another reason for them gaining weight could be medical. For instance, they could have hypothyroidism and this disease can pile on the pounds. Go and see your vet if you are worried that your English bulldog has hypothyroidism. But one of the things for your dogs health will be maintaining a high activity level. Support your English bulldog to lose and maintain good healthy by going on frequent walks. It is best to split walks or any type of exercise to different times in the day.

Example, go for a walk in the morning and plan to walk or exercise your bulldog again in the evening. Be mindful to not overexert your pet. English bulldogs do get tired easily, can dehydrate quickly, and are not resilient to extreme heat or cold. Plan activities during mild temperatures or by properly dressing your bulldog for the occasion. There are so many illnesses English bulldogs can develop if they are overweight. It really is best to keep them at the right weight. There is a risk of them getting hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, cancer, liver disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or heatstroke.

All of these illnesses can be life-threatening but through managing their health the odds of developing any of these illnesses will decrease ificantly. Proper health care promotes bodily health. It is less likely that your English bulldog will be underweight rather than overweight, but it can happen. The first thing to do is to visit the vet to see if there is anything physically wrong with them. They could have an internal parasite like worms and will then need treatment. Try and find a kibble that is high in meat protein. Eggs are also a good source of protein, so give them scrambled eggs from time to time.

You can also add carbs to their diet as they are high in calories, after consulting with your vet. Put rice or pasta with their kibble or wet food. Give them pieces of cheese as a treat unless they are lactose intolerant. If you have a puppy, remember that every puppy grows differently so if your bulldog looks a little underweight just increase the amount of kibble they are having.

They should be having between 1 — 3 cups of food every day. It is best to keep your English bulldogs at the right weight for health reasons. Being both overweight and underweight is not good for them and you should see a vet first to see if there are problems with their health. A high quality diet is important as it will give them all the vitamins and minerals they need. You can feed them either wet or dry food or a combination of both. Check the labels to see what the food contains. You can even feed them a raw food diet if you wish.

In addition make sure that they get enough exercise. This simple step will ensure a happy dog and a happy home. Why does my English Bulldog Attack Me? Plus 7 s to Know. s that your English Bulldog is Overweight So how do you tell if your English bulldog is overweight? Bad Health Effects from Obesity There are so many illnesses English bulldogs can develop if they are overweight.

How to Get my English Bulldog to Gain Weight It is less likely that your English bulldog will be underweight rather than overweight, but it can happen. Final Thoughts It is best to keep your English bulldogs at the right weight for health reasons.

Adult female english bulldog

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What is the Ideal Weight for an English Bulldog? And Why it Matters!